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Profit often permeates the politics of political power

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Profit often permeates the politics of political power

By Derek Joy

     And so it is. . .

    Another Florida State Legislative Session ends May 3. Again, the undermanned Democrats saw an overwhelming Republican majority in the House and Senate ramrod the process.

    Soon, there will be reports of which Legislator brought home the bacon and who will cook it.

    Democrats know the reality of being in the minority. Republicans used their political power to ramrod their legislative agenda to the delight of Gov. Rick Scott. He’s already in high gear with his 2014 re-election campaign bid.

    But they all sat on their thumbs, failing to take an up or down vote on the hotel tax referendum to subsidize renovation of Sun Life Stadium. Did absolutely nothing but up the ante in obvious attempts to sell themselves for 30-pieces of silver.

   It’s hard to explain it any other way, especially with April 29, the start of early voting in Miami Dade County. Deny that support and the election is halted. What a message to send voters to remember the next time around.

    What’s worse is that they apparently are hell bent on rejecting $7-billion in federal monies for Medicaid. Got all kinds of reasons.

    House Speaker Will Weatherford, Repub. from Tampa, appeared in an interview on WPLG Local 10’s “This Week in South Florida,” with Host Michael Putney.

    Weatherford asserted that the federal monies are only for two years and the program will need funding beyond that two-year period. His concern is how the state will fund the program after the federal funds are exhausted.

    Sure seems that what Weatherford is really saying is that Republicans didn’t come up with that plan. President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Washington, D. C., crafted it for their benefit.

    Could it be that Weatherford is simply marching in lock step with the agenda of Republican National Committee, looking to solidify his ambitions of seeking a higher office, among other things?

    One could easily see Weatherford laying the groundwork for a run as Scott’s Lt. Gov.  Looks particularly inviting since Jennifer Carroll was forced to summarily resign after the scandal involving her professional link to a gambling casino masquerading as Veterans Charity Organization.

    Of course, everybody knows Carroll was just another casualty of war. That dubious organization was reported to have contributed big bucks to Republican campaign coffers. It was a known fact.

    So, as the political wars go, when you have served your purpose, out to the political pasture you go. After all, one would guess the prevailing attitude is that Carroll is just one more Black American female being used again.

    Now, that one issue. Weatherford and his sham is yet another.

     Yeah, Weatherford pointed out that the legislative process is not just about the Miami Dolphins and their quest to secure public financing of renovations to Sun Life Stadium. He said it involves tax credits for other sports venues in the state.

    That is an obvious cop out that Putney shot down in his “Putney Perspective.”

    He simply said: “The jobs created (by the stadium renovated) are temporary. The debt is long term.”

    Billie Hardemon, a community activist and chairman of MLKEDC Board of Directors, during a community meeting on the tax referendum, offered a different perspective.

    Waving the agreement of goals crafted by the Miami Dolphins and entered into with Miami Dade County, Hardemon vehemently said:  “Without community benefits in this agreement, I’m telling my mama to vote hell no.”


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