Protect the Affordable Care Act – save lives and save money

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Protect the Affordable Care Act – save lives and save money

Do we really want to go back to having people show up at emergency rooms ready to die? Aside from being extremely cruel, it is terribly inefficient.

Due to the Affordable Care Act, we now have the lowest uninsured rate in American history. Women benefit from Affordable Care Act coverage of preventive tests for cervical and breast cancer, BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, and osteoporosis. It’s tremendously beneficial that kids can stay on their parents’ plan through age 26. Prior to the ACA, your health insurer could drop you for many reasons, or no reason, usually just when you need it most…

The Republicans in Congress had 9 years to come up with any viable alternative to Obamacare. They have failed epically. Fix it. Improve it – don’t kill it because millions will die without it.


Thank you,

Jonathan Hartman

Pompano Beach, Fla.


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