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Puerto Rico can go kick rocks

Don Valentine

Don Valentine

Puerto Rico can go kick rocks

By Don Valentine

      The nascent Trump doctrine is empirically resolute that Puerto Ricans are not really Americans.  The island is in billions dollars of debt. This is prior to the hurricane. The citizens can’t vote in our elections.  Yes, they are a U.S. territory. Yes, they are sentient human beings. However, they are Brown and did not help Trump get into office. The summary in the words of the French monarch Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake”.

     In the Trump doctrine that means let me do a “press op.”  Toss out some rolls of paper towels [it was devastating hurricane, paper towels are scant aid] and run off to Las Vegas. Those people in Vegas voted for me and could help me get reelected.

     Living in South Florida, we all have experienced the disruption of hurricanes. Most recently Irma, that brought us power outages, massive damages to houses and loss of lives. Expand our trauma from a few days to a few weeks. Most predictions are a few months without electricity or running water for Puerto Rico. Ask yourself what would I do if I could help. The answer is not expensive, arduous or time consuming.  Email or call our legislative representatives. Tell them that this is not how we treat American citizens.  Each email will have an impact to pressure the Trump administration to step up and put the full capacity of the American resources to use.  You and I would expect nothing less.  Nor should our “Familia” in Puerto Rico.

     Voice Mail Contact Senator Marco Rubio Phone (305) 418-8553

     Voice Mail Contact Senator Bill Nelson Phone (954)-693-485

As a sidebar, go see the movie “Marshal”.  Academy Award worthy portrayal by Chadwick Boseman [move over Denzel] of the nation’s first Black Supreme Court Justice!


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