Pulling the puppet strings

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Pulling the puppet strings

By Lucius Gantt

I wonder what the members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and the members of various Conferences of Black State Legislators and other Black elected officials are getting for their steadfast, early and comprehensive support of the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign.

What has Hillary Clinton done to generate this widespread political support in America’s Black communities?

Perhaps she has hired large numbers of Black campaign workers or Black political professionals. Maybe she has stood up and spoken out about the evils of police brutality and courtroom injustice.

Clinton’s massive Black political support could be the result of her pulling a few strings!

The politicians that represent you, represent your communities and neighborhoods and those that consisently get in excess of 90 percent of all Black votes cast in United States elections may be controlled by the Democratic Party!

Pinocchio, Lamb Chop, Ernie, Cookie Monster and Howdy Doody are famous American puppets but none of them are better than some of America’s Black community politicians!

I know you don’t like for me to write like this but it’s true. Our elected officials seem to suffer from Democratiphobia, a fear of the Democratic Party!

They are afraid to disagree with the Democratic Party, afraid to stand up to the Democratic Party and scared to death to question the Democratic Party, the Party leadership, the Party’s expenditures and contributions and the Party’s chosen ones for national offices.

A “puppet” is a person whose actions, ideas, etc. are controlled by another and who controls what Black elected officials, say, do and endorse more than the Democratic Party does?

And, what do Black politicians get for their unwavering support of Democratic Party policies and candidates? Little or nothing.

Compare the money the Democratic Party contributes to the campaigns of Jewish candidates to that contributed to Black candidates. Compare the Democratic support for gay issues of importance, Hispanic issues of importance and women’s issues of importance to the Party’s support of issues important to African Americans.

Well, it has been said that any Democratic candidate is better than any Republican candidate, any Socialist candidate, any Libertarian candidate or any Independent candidate.

That is not true!

We have to judge candidates seeking votes from registered Black voters on an individual basis. Political parties don’t deserve respect, individuals do.

If you don’t know, many of the prosecutors and state attorneys over charging Black suspects and throwing them in jail are members of the Democratic Party. Many of the police Chiefs and Sheriffs condoning and supporting lawmen that utilize police brutality over and over again are members of the Democratic Party.

Many of the bankers that refuse to loan money to businesses in the Black communities are Democrats.

The political “code of silence” is just as pervasive in politics as the police “code of silence” is widespread in police departments. Non-Black Democratic Party members can do anything and say anything they want to about Black voters and still get 90 percent of Black votes cast because Democrats control Black members of the party and, to a certain extent, Black voters!

Pull the Black strings and some Blacks in politics will sing any song you want them to sing! Eight years ago, the same folk endorsed Hillary Clinton in the Primary until Black voters came out in large numbers to support Barack Obama and he began to win Primary elections.

We don’t need another hero and we don’t need more political puppets!

Instead of putting political parties first we need to put Black people and Black progress first!

Quit bowing down to and sucking up to political parties. Vote for the candidates that will vote for legislation that interests you, helps you and benefits you.

If you want to be a puppet at least get you a Black puppeteer!  (Buy Gantt’s latest book, Beast Too: Dead Man Writing on Amazon.com and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at www.allworldconsultants.net. And, if you want to,” Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)

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