Putin Should Be A Dead Man Walking

Letter to Editor

By Jake Pickering

Executive Order 11905 was issued by accidental President Gerald Ford on February 19, 1976, in the midst of the unelected Republican Gerald Ford’s failed, post-Watergate campaign for the presidency.  Executive Order 11905 prohibited any U.S. government employee from engaging or conspiring to engage in any political assassination anywhere in the world. This order should be repealed.

After U.S. Senate hearings in 1975 that for the first time publicly revealed the ridiculous lengths to which the Central Intelligence Agency went in the 1960s to attempt to assassinate Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro (and other anti-American enemies, against some of whom the CIA was successful in its elimination efforts), overwhelming post-Watergate political and media pressure forced Ford to issue Executive Order 11905 in 1976.

Then, subsequently, similar orders followed from Democratic President Jimmy Carter who issued Executive Order 12036 on January 26, 1978, and from Republican President Ronald Reagan who issued Executive Order 12333 on December 4, 1981. Both of these orders should be repealed as well, and the sooner the better (preferably BEFORE Russia annexes all of Ukraine).

I’m sure you’re familiar with that old saying, “the pathway to Hell is paved with good intentions.”  This particularly unfortunate, bipartisan foreign policy blunder (or willful surrender really) was in fact a well-meaning, bipartisan reform that clearly none of the proponents of these out-of-date executive orders foresaw the ultimate consequences of. One can hardly blame these former presidents for their lack of clairvoyance. (Perhaps Nancy Reagan’s psychic wasn’t available for a consultation?)

If you’re a fan of President Ford, President Carter, or President Reagan, their collective misguided support for these unwise restrictions that made the American intelligence community less feared (and consequently much less effective) isn’t necessarily a reason to stop being a fan.

Without assigning personal blame, it’s time to free the CIA and “release the Kraken” on former KGB Colonel and long-time Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. If any anti-American enemy national leader of the past few decades deserves to be done away with by any means necessary, it is most definitely the despotic demon Vladimir Putin of Russia, who has never shied away from using assassination as a tool of Russian foreign policy against pro-democratic forces.

Contrary to the pro-Russian, right-wing propaganda that passes for news on foreign-owned American outlets like Fox, the CIA (or one of its subsidiaries) taking surreptitious lethal action against the long-time Russian tyrant would not result in a significant military backlash from the Russian Federation. In fact, quite the opposite reaction would permeate the otherwise weak and ineffectual leadership of the crumbling kleptocratic Russian regime already rapidly headed for history’s exit door, which as the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ) so succinctly put it back in 2014: “Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country.”

The day that Russia’s head vampire Vladimir Putin dies (by “natural causes” or otherwise) will be the day Putin’s blood-sucking, war criminal underlings scramble for cover from America’s long-overdue wrath in the way of the ultimate payback, while mostly grateful Eastern Europeans will sing off-key in unison and dance rhythmlessly in the streets in drunken celebration of our collective victory over Russian tyranny. Even most Russians themselves will welcome this. Remember when the U.S.S.R. went out with a whimper 30 years ago? Yeah, just like that.

No need to worry oneself about a possible nuclear conflagration over the deserved death of one selfish, shirtless, soulless KGB kommisar on horseback who is hated rather intensely by most Russians, furious and envious of the stolen wealth in Putin’s possession that rightfully belongs to the Russian people. After all, the United States of America didn’t burn the world to a crisp over the Russian-involved assassination of popular President John F. Kennedy in 1963, carried out by a Russian defector acting as an agent on behalf of the serial killer Soviet regime, which of course was responsible for the mass murder of approximately 40 million Soviet citizens, not to mention killing JFK.

What in the world (other than fascist Fox “News” and fake Russian public opinion polls) makes you think most Russians want Vladimir Putin around anyway? Just think about it from their perspective. The mostly poor, Slavic Russian population has watched this greedy, thin-skinned, homicidal, autocratic midget monster of Germanic stock rob their nation blind since the 1990s – to the point where Putin is presumed to be one of the world’s wealthiest billionaires based solely on theft – and you actually believe most Russians will object to Putin’s demise? Of course, not; they want him dead!

You probably won’t see many Russians on TV dancing in the streets when KGB Count Dracula dies, because they’d rather not die themselves that day too. No doubt most Russians would rather avoid the recent horrific fate of the Kazakhs, being mowed down en masse by Russian soldiers’ machine guns for daring to call for democracy in the former Soviet Union.

But just like in the movies when the head vampire dies, his servants of evil will follow, because (like Putin’s corrupt cronies) their power is derived solely from the original vampire. The racist Russian oligarchy effectively ceases to exist the day Putin descends into the fiery abyss unwillingly, for which it is long past time. A new day must dawn so that sunlight can send vampire Vlad’s kleptocracy to the ash heap of history where it belongs. Das vadanya, comrade!


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