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Quadruplet brothers all get accepted to Prestigious Harvard and Yale

Quadruplet-BrothersQuadruplet brothers all get accepted to Prestigious Harvard and Yale

By Susan Johnes

     Luck knocks once at every door: that’s how the old saying goes. Indeed it happened to the parents of Nigel, Zach, Aaron, and Nick Wade after they had twins who ended up being quadruplets.

They never knew that 18 years later, all four of their sons could get into two of the country’s most prestigious Ivy League schools. The extraordinary high school seniors found out they were all accepted to Harvard and also Yale.

Nick Wade is the one who came up with the idea to write about being a quadruplet. He went on a college advice website called “College Confidential” and in a chat room about college admissions, essays, he asked whether other people thought this would be a good idea. A college essay adviser noticed his question, and replied, “That’s a no-brainer.”

Therefore, Nick applied and so did his brothers though they took a different approach. In the joint application, they decided that each would write an essay detailing his experiences as a quad.

The essays were written separately, yet they were meant to be read together, like four pieces. Each piece was charming and won its category with college admissions officers agreeing and unwilling to pull them apart.

Aaron who wants to study artificial intelligence said their approach was to establish an identity as one quad and then outside of being a quad. And indeed, that bolstered the way they were perceived. The quads personal aspirations and goals played a role in that.

The Wade quads were conceived through a fertility procedure. Thanks to their parents who managed to raise four exceptionally high-achieving boys.

So far, Yale has given them the best financial deal. The family is thrilled with the $64,000 (Yale) and $63,000 (Harvard) price tags that will play a role in the boys’ decision making.

Aaron said he wanted to go into artificial intelligence since he loves the huge interdisciplinary focus on computer science, cognitive science, linguistics, philosophy, and mathematics. Nigel wants to study neuroscience and Zach is thinking of chemical engineering.

The brothers requested that precise details about their academic records remain confidential. However, the quadruplets said they were all in the top 10 percent of their graduating class.

Their father, known to everyone as the “quad dad,” says there was no great secret to their success but their hard work and determination.

It is still unbelievable in the quad’s accomplishment. According to Yale’s website, more than 32,000 people applied to be part of their 2021 class. Only a mere 2,272 were admitted. It is still a surprise that the four brothers were part of the deal.


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