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By Don Valentine

Recently, the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots were honored at the White House by the President. This annual ritual was attended by every team member, but the reigning M.V.P.  Tom Brady, the face of the franchise, had “a previous family engagement”. Bob Kraft, the billionaire owner, 53 players and the ancillary staff of coaches, made it.  For that matter star corner back Darrlle Revis, who is now with the Jets, went.

The White House schedules these ceremonies months in advance so they can do the requisite background checks on who will be shaking hands with the President. Disagreement with the President’s agenda is no excuse for being rude.  Having respect for the office of the Presidency is common decorum.

The U.S. is arguably the most powerful nation in the world. China, Russia or the E.U. do not get called for help when there is a foreign crises.  President Barack Obama get’s that phone call. This is why the office is ubiquitously recognized as the “Leader of the Free World”.

Tom sent out pictures of what he did instead of participating with his teammates. He was on a family vacation to New York City. There he was one of the first people to purchase the new Apple watch. In addition to being a multimillionaire, he is married to Super Model Gisele Bundchen. According to Sports Illustrated she is worth more than her husband Tom. They could have easily taken their private jet to the ceremony and made it back to New York to pick up Tom’s must have watch.

I’m not going to be crass and say if the sitting President was white Tom might have found the time. However, he had no trouble attending the previous administration’s ceremonies when they won before. “I’m just saying”.

Don Valentine, freelance writer U.C. Berkeley ’89 B.S. Psychology, McGeorge Law School J.D. ‘92

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