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Race was an issue in the George Zimmerman case

Race was an issue in the George Zimmerman case         

By Rev. John Roker

      The murder case against George Zimmerman was a racially motivated case from the very beginning.

We are told that when Zimmerman called the police dispatcher, she asked him if he were following the suspect.  He said yes. He was then told not to follow him, that they would handle it.  If Zimmerman had followed the police instructions Trayvon Benjamin Martin would be alive today.

George Zimmerman refused to follow police instructions. I believe that if Trayvon had been a white boy we would not have had this tragedy and an innocent needless loss of life of a Black teenage boy by the hands of a white man with a gun.

How pitiful for George Zimmerman’s white friends to justify his killing of an unarmed Black boy who could not have held Zimmerman, a grown 205 pound man on the ground. The size and weight of the boy and the man would not support what is being said.

How could there be justice when the jury consisted of six women five white and  a Hispanic – no Blacks. There would never be justice in that case. There should always be equal justice in selecting juries in a case that deals with one blatantly associated with racial profiling.

How is it that the man with the gun, George Zimmerman would be the one hollering for help and to have his friends on national television saying that, is absurd. The proper thing to have done would have been to have non-biased professional witnesses to describe the voice being heard based upon voice analysis, but unfortunately Trayvon is not alive to give his voice for evaluation and analysis.

Justice must be done. This was not a case of self-defense or stand your ground. No one in their right mind would say that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman for nothing. He was returning from the store with items he brought, then he was followed by a “creepy looking man”.

Another attempt at trying to put forth the negative image of a Black boy was to say that Trayvon had drugs in his system and those drugs, marijuana could cause Trayvon to act out violently.

It appears as if the media has broad prejudice against the young Black boy and that anyone has the right to kill a young Black person.

It appears that the white race individuals around this case still are practicing white supremacy.  This case should have been about right and wrong, justice over injustice, but it was not from the very beginning.

This case will decide whether human rights and civil rights that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others fought and died for to make this nation and the world a better place has been helpful and people of all races and religions can live together in peace and harmony.

There is only one way to move ahead in America and that is to be true to thyself and everyone else.

The Bible says for, “God shall bring every work into judgment whether it be good or evil. “


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