Racism and double standards in America

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Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Racism and double standards in America

By P. L. Wright Ph. D.

      Evaluating, and in consideration of the recent use of chemical nerve gas in Syria, Should America go to war against a ruler who is alleged to have murdered many of his own countrymen, women and children, just as America has done to Black people during the past civil rights era of the 1940s and 1950s? However, in retrospect, America has always defended other countries against dictators and rulers who rule their country with dangerous and offensive tactics against their own people who seem to be enslaved and subservient as Black Americans have been.

When I think of America and how it is so eager to go to war to defend other countries people for their freedom of civil and human rights, it reminds me without a doubt, of How America has never treated Black Americans fair, equal, just or humane. However, who do American Black People have to help and support them to defend for their rights? Black Americans have always fought against unfair, unjust, false freedom of justice civil and human rights not just for Black people but for all people.

Shamefully in this same country and without hesitation the American Government will draft or ask for volunteers to go to war in other countries, which includes Blacks as well to free other people in order for them to gain their freedom of civil and human rights as the Blacks are still fighting for in 2013. Is this not a Racial Double Standard, as one and the same type of war being experienced by Black People fighting in America alone trying to gain their freedom of Fair and Equal education, equal justice, and fair and equal civil and human rights?

This has been a Racism War for centuries being fought by American Black People dating back to the 17th Century when many African People were stolen from Africa and brought to America and enslaved, while traveling on ships to America living in inhumane conditions and some dying and thrown overboard.

The Africans were enslaved in America to work the white Slave Masters plantations to make him rich, and raise his children and take care of all of his plantation necessities. Why does America continue to shame America with its’ racial double standards for Black and poor People, and better freedom of social conditions for others who consider themselves to be privileged? Is that not still a form of legalized control and slavery and subservience?

How can America expect other countries to respect and support the Greatest Country in the world when it is still practicing legal racism against Black people and other poor people to keep them subservient and controlled in America? It is obvious how America has neglected, abused and mistreated the very same race of people who helped in many ways to build America, while working his land tirelessly, raising his children, bore children for him, and made him rich enough that he has been able to leave much of that wealth gained from the slave labor era that he participated into his offspring.

His offspring recipients of his wealth who are currently all over America and possibly even some offspring today are participating in Governmental controlled positions who continue to make decisions to benefit the few in order to maintain their control of the wealth and the mass. Meanwhile many of the Black American fore-parents died while in captivity on plantations or slave ships just trying to be free to leave something to his family offspring as well, just as the Slave Masters have done.

Unfortunately the Black offspring of some of those African Slaves are American citizens and still fighting for the same rights as their Great, Great, Great Grandparents which has continued to keep them at the bottom in education, Jobs or careers to empower themselves and unable to gain their civil, human rights, and equal justice. Without denying, tell me do you think this evaluation expresses a new form of slavery and a double racial standard of inequities in America?

I believe so from my own experiences as a Black man in America. There is still hidden racism in practiced America and shamelessly not addressed to heal America of this race cancer devastating the entire country and citizens. One thing we all do know for sure. We are all from the human race and our blood looks the same.







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