Racism and white privilege at its best

Growing  the Voices of Our Future

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Layla Davidson

By Layla Davidson

This past week, Trump supporters rioted and broke into the Capitol.

The reason African Americans got so upset was because if the roles were reversed and we rioted, we would have been shot without  hesitation.

However, mercy was shown in this situation.

Racism and white privilege were shown in this situation and there is no denying it.

Trump supporters rioted because they didn’t get their way; Black people protest because of racism and racial inequality.

Growing  the Voices of Our Future

Additionally, five people passed away at this riot and now white people are doing what we did when our fellow African Americans were killed. “Say their name, say their name.”

Now that the roles are reversed, they know how we feel to a certain extent. As we maneuver  throughout this year, continue to pray for everyone’s safety.


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