Racists Don’t Fear Hate Crime Laws

Kevin Palmer

By Kevin Palmer

Georgia HateCrime Bill, HB 426, is like politicians placing flowers on the graves of Blacks murdered by racists while emboldening racists to keep murdering Blacks.

In his book, The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness, Dr. Amos Wilson wrote, “Laws are no stronger than those who enforce them. We [Blacks] can only protect our rights and interests as a people, not through laws enforced by other people, but through the power to prevent other people from having their way with us.”

Black politicians are delusional for thinking a law will prevent murderous racists from killing Black people. The biblical solution is for Blacks to obey the command in Deuteronomy, chapter 19, verse 21, “Life for life, eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.” Murderous racists don’t respect laws, hashtags, T-shirts, and marches. Only the threat of imminent lethal retaliation will make a racist think twice before harming innocent Black people.

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