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Layla Davidson, 13

By Layla Davidson

On December 15, the deacons and deaconesses of New Mount Olive Baptist Church had an event at Hugh’s Culinary. When the event was over, I discovered something so astonishing. A deacon brought me to this room. I was not sure if they were authentic.

Taxidermy Wall Mounts or faux Taxidermy Wall Mounts.

There were multiple Taxidermy Wall Mounts that were deer heads on the wall. When I walked in I saw a cat. I thought it was a statue. However, when the cat moved my heart dropped. The cat looked at me and then it moved! I was scared out of my mind, but after that happened I was looking around.

In my mind I was thinking “Wow, how did they kill all these animals without being injured or ending up dead?”

The one animal that flabbergasted me was the Ram. A Ram is a Sheep with horns. The horns on these Rams were remarkable. They are so long and thick. They have an unbelievable length and curve to them. This experience was very phenomenal.


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