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Recall petition for BTU President Sharon Glickman

sharon-Glickman-this-oneTHE GLICKMAN SAGA HOUR

Recall petition for BTU President Sharon Glickman

By B. Rossano

While families gathered over the holidays to celebrate in gratitude and cheer, one group had far less to be grateful for.

Broward teachers did not see their expected, promised, and previously negotiated raises in their paycheck this year. Certainly by the holidays, they assumed they would get their raises, but such was not the case.

For the first time ever, according to Broward educators, the county neglected to pay teachers their raise that had been negotiated with the Broward Teachers Union (BTU) the year prior.

Some say that contract negotiations is not a forte of BTU’s President Sharon Glickman and her new BTU Leaders power elite. “They negotiated away many of our rights, our steps, our grandfathered pay raises, and even our hourly pay, causing us to work for 11 dollars an hour. And now—they somehow manage to un-negotiate the already negotiated minor pay raise that was due to us. We get nothing for the holidays, stated one angry teacher.

Among the many outraged dues paying Broward Teachers Union members, few are willing to go on the re-cord for fear of retaliation. But one member and veteran teacher, BTU Master Steward and local union leader isn’t afraid to be vocal. Joan King has allowed us to print her letter to the National president of the teacher’s union, Randi Weingarten. “I wrote this letter to AFT, “says Joan King. “I’m fed up with Sharon Glickman and her inability to lead. She is incompetent and must be removed. We are calling for her recall. We have sent out the petition and have over 2500 signatures already.”

A recall is necessary according to a letter from Joan King, requesting an investigation into allegations of President Glickman being incompetent and as a leader who lacks transparency.

The letter further states the need for a neutral “oversight committee” to monitor and manage the Recall because Glickman’s new BTU staff and a group that King has called “Rubber stampers and bullies” would not be fair.

According to the letter, Glickman has made the BTU building such a hostile work environment with an unheard  turnover of staff (19-22) and most of them have said that Glick-man abused her authority and mistreated them. To add insult to injury teachers , as stated in the letter we have received the worst negotiated contract EVER under Glickman’s leadership. High School Teachers are teaching an EXTRA class daily for only $11 an hour. Not their hourly rate.

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