Recognizing and giving honor

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Love each other like brothers and sisters. Give your brothers and sisters more honor than you want
for yourselves.
Romans 12:10(ICB)

 By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

If you want to appreciate an anniversary, go back and look through some of the former (as in forming) moments captured in print. Love and homage are two of the tools used to build a lasting legacy and once used these tools are transformed into jewels that should be placed on the crowns of those who dare to build.

I understand why your keepsakes are so important and why the responsibility of recording and preserving history is more important that guarding  gold mines.

Perhaps you, like me, never looked at what you did was more than what you were doing. Caught up in the moments of life – moving at the speed of thought – leaves no time to think past that moment. And before you know it,  50 years i. e., a half of a century, 600 months, 2,608.88 weeks 18,262.13 days, 1,577,847,600 seconds have passed and you are baffled. You look in the mirror at what was once youth, now it’s replaced by wisdom and  Fifty years of bathing in the life of others can rub off in so many ways  that leave the curators  wounded, alive, transparent and wondering , “what the hell just happened”. There were those that started on the journey right beside you working  with you hand and hand and now they are angels in Heaven watching over you.

In one article or a thousand I could never give justice to our 50 years of service to the communities  which allowed us to be a part of their family. While joining with them in jubilant celebrations, shouting louder than them as well as crying and mourning in losses and in defeat, wanting to trade places if we could  because life is much, much, more than that: life is time and time is eternity.

Looking through some of our first newspapers I was transposed to a place that first touched my mind and brought back to the remembrance of where we started from. And that allowed me to remember those who believed in what we were doing and those who played apart in setting the foundation that allowed us to be here a half a century later.

Yes,  feeling the pages in my fingers, I felt the pulse and strength of whom we are through whom they were. Every worn, tattered and discolored page was saturated with what was needed for us to get here. And what is that: w God’s plan.

Yes,  the Westside Gazette was born, like other obligations, answers and history, out of a necessity for service to the advancement of a people to not be invisible. We do understand and wholeheartedly embrace the fact that we did not come this far by ourselves and there ani’t no way we could go farther, that is, without the energies, spirits, people and prayers that have propelled us and in some instances carried us and in so doing laid a path for us to follow! If not, we would be lost.

Like our beginning some 18,262.13 days ago, it was the cause  out of a necessity for service to the advancement of a people and those who believe that the cause is needed that we are here and for that — we say thank you.

Knowing that we don’t exist without each other, I purposefully have not mentioned any names as of yet-leaving that as the thread to bind the pages of our history together.

“Dear God, In the name of Jesus, we pray that Your tender care used to place what we need from people to things, “our daily bread” in our 50 years be extended as You so see fit and we give you all of the credit, all of the praise and all our love. In Jesus name. Amen.

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