Reconnecting to the World once lost

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Reconnecting to the World once lost

By Clarence Major III

As the years have passed me by, my understanding of self-awareness has allowed me to see the person I once was. Through my life’s journey I thought my intentions were honorable, but I would realize my perceptions weren’t admissible. I was maneuvering through life like the world owed me for my short comings. I was a bitter soul and a lifeless man with no sense of direction or urgency, so I continued on the path of darkness filled with emptiness. Everyone I came in contact with was subjected to endure what was within me, but nonetheless, I allowed this burden to become their world, so now my problems became their problems ‘on top of whatever problem they may have had. I was lost to the many things my ancestors fought so hard to come out of which are oppression and the degradations in this so called land of the free and home of the brave. I had trapped myself in my own little world of resentment and hatred for those who meant me no harm.

In other words, I was my own worst enemy. The world can be a very cruel and lonely place to be in when you are not equipped with the tools you need to survive. Now I am in an environment which once was trapped inside of me for many years. When I was of the world, I embraced this type of environment.

But now with a sober mind and pure heart I truly see the kind of destruction and heartache which I contributed to mv family and to society. Prison life is filled with hateful criminal-minded individuals who are not willing to change and are trying to discourage the many who are on the path of redemption. Jeb Bush once said, “Approximately 65% of the prison population will return if I were to pick a prison today and release all of its inmates.” And sadly I am part  of this statistic, not saying I would return. But this is the number I am part of and to be a part of a society such as this is frightening. I guess I’m not so tough after all. It takes a wise and venerable man to admit he was wrong and has now seen the light. Not only have
I seen the light, I have witnessed how my foolishness and wicked ways caused heartache and pain to my loved ones.

My family has suffered the most, it was never about me, and it was all about family. Today I can truly say I’ve become a man, granted, it wasn’t by choice: It took decades for me to become a better and responsible man’ and every day is a constant struggle which serves as a reminder how I took my freedom for granted. So I leave you with this, my friends: change
will not come overnight; it truly takes time.


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