Relax, Relate, Release – God Got You!

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Relax, Relate, Release – God Got You!

I have been declaring that 2018 is the year of our long a-waited harvest, and I see so many of us breaking out and breaking through. The issue is that many of us have been sowing for so long, that we are having trouble adjusting to this season of unlimited abundance. Ironically, I am no different. However, as I ascend, I feel an obligation to send the elevator back down with insight on how to reap. Whitley Gilbert from the hit 80’s sitcom, A Different World, said it best, “Relax, Relate, Release”, and I added [because] God got you. I want On the Scene readers to know that as we face new mountains at each level, God is there, so…

RELAX greater is coming. For those who believe, you will not remain where you are currently. It may seem like the blessing is tarrying much longer than anticipated, and it may al-so seem like people are elevating around you, but just relax- your moment is coming. In confidence, you can trust that God has designed a blessing specifically for you, and it will be sent special delivery. Hindsight will reveal the perfection of its timeliness. Meanwhile, attempt to eliminate worry and doubt and trust the process. In fact, during the process, after you have done all that you can, consider taking a nap, a vacation or even a mental break. The reality is even God found a day for some much needed Rest and Relaxation, and you should, too.

RELATE to everyone. Every person we encounter has at least one thing in a common, a heart. That being said, use what you know about the human experience to be relatable at the appropriate times. Showing empathy towards a person’s losses and gains adds unforgettable person touches. The idea is to have people remember the consistency of character whether you are in the room or not. Personally, my professional growth is reliant on what others say about me. Sabrina Moore, my colleague and CEO of Fabulous Gold Standards, said, “Crystal, I watched not only how you go hard for my event planning business, but also how you promote other entrepreneurs; this is why I always refer work opportunities to you.” Statements like those should be in abundance about you and your professional endeavors.

RELEASE, God got you! At the end of the day, when you have done everything that you can do, just remember to release it all and let God be Lord. According to, we collect incidents and store them somewhere inside until they weigh us down. Let’s consider emptying ourselves of things we cannot control. “This is complete liberation and allows room for fresh initiatives.”

In this season, I pray that artists create more and corporate careers are breaking through invisible ceilings. I pray that entrepreneurs are closing deals so big that it makes them reevaluate their purpose. I pray that old dreams are not only resurrected but supernaturally amplified and magnified. Let our seniors be reminded that it isn’t too late, and let our younger generations know that they have what it takes to be true leaders. I pray that in this season, my readers simply reap what they have sown. They should drop their plows, confidently pick up all of their crops without neglecting to sow 10% in others. The ultimate goal is to see others create abundance from your overflow, so relax, re-late and release – God got you!

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