‘Repentance, Faith, Regeneration and Justification’

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‘Repentance, Faith, Regeneration and Justification’

     Question: How many Doctrines of the Bible are there?

     Answer: First, let’s define the word ‘doctrine’. According to the New Bible Dictionary, the word doctrine in the Old Testament is leqah, meaning ‘what is received’ or the idea of a body of revealed teaching. In the New Testament two words are used: didaskalia and didache which means both act and the content of teaching.

      We will highlight 10 Doctrines of the Bible, or one can say’ Doctrines of the Christian Faith’. 1) The Doctrine of God – God’s existence, nature, and God’s attributes. 2) The Doctrine of Jesus Christ –The person of Christ and the work of Christ. His death and resurrection. 3) The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – The personality, deity, and the names of the Holy Spirit. 4) The Doctrine of Man – Man’s creation and his fall. 5) The Doctrine of Salvation – repentance, faith, regeneration, justification, sanctification. 6) The Doctrine of the Church – Old Testament, New Testament, Christendom, Kingdom. 7) The Doctrine of the Scripture –The Bible – names and Titles. 8) The Doctrines of Angels – Their existence, nature, fall and their works. 9) The Doctrine of Satan – His existence, personality, power, character and his destiny. 10) The Doctrine of the Last Things (Eschatology) – The second coming of Christ, resurrection, judgement, the destiny of the wicked, and the reward of the righteous.

       According to many the Bible is the greatest book recorded. It is the number one seller of all times. If only one will take the time to explore it, a lot of hidden truths will be revealed. Let me know if you have any suggestions or concerns on the topic. 

     Reverend Deal is the senior pastor at Every Christian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Rev Deal can be reached at the Westside Gazette, 545 NW Seventh Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, Fla 33311, or by email at david.deal55@gmail.com.         


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