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Republican Party a flailing hot mess

Sensible Sue’s Rhetoric

Republican Party a flailing hot mess

From Sensible Sue

The Republican Party has wasted an awful lot of money over the last year or so bringing in consultants, and doing our autopsies on itself, to try to figure out what the problem is within its structure, and why it is having such a difficult time connecting with the general masses. Well, all I have to say about that is if the powers that be within the Republican establishment really want to know the real truth in regards to why their Party has become such a flailing hot mess, all they had to do was ask me, and I could have told them all that they needed to know and then some, for free. Being that the loudest voices screaming within the Republican party claim to have the lockdown on fiscal responsibility, one would think that those same folks would jump all over an opportunity to get something for free.

The truth of the matter is that the Republican Party has been hijacked by a bunch of mean spirited, ego driven, destructive individuals who, with the help of folks like Sarah Palin, have managed to amass power, and embolden what used to be the deeply hidden racist in our society. Up until now these folks have been largely hidden up in the mountains of Appalachia, down in the back woods of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, and deep within the heart of Texas. Now all of the crazies are out in full force, and they have become the face and the brain of the Republican Party. Their sole purpose in life is to spew as much hatred and misinformation as they possibly can.

The sad thing about these people is that unlike Rush Limbaugh, these people are not getting paid to be mean, nasty, and ignorant, as they proudly display their ignorance and shout their nonsensical verbiage for free. Even sadder than that is that these folks get their information from sources like Limbaugh, Bill O’Riley, and Hannity, and none of the three would not be caught dead associating themselves with any of the crazy, racist people.

I am talking about the kind of people that will sit their behinds on a pew in somebody’s church on a Sunday morning, and thump a Bible every chance that they get, and then take it upon themselves to show up on other people’s Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to attack and use the internet to spread their messages of hate.

This week I have decided to share some of my personal tweets and unsolicited responses from an internet troll who, after sending the first three messages without getting a response from me, just could not help his sad and misguided self, and so he went on to continue to bury himself in his grave of his own ignorance. The person hiding behind the Twitter name of @THERACISTSDOCTORchose to let me know that he had an existence on Twitter by posting negative and hate filled responses, one after the other in response to my postings on Trayvon Martin. In one of his comments he started off writing “Justize fur traaevoon Merton”.

Now the fact that this person is obviously pretty limited would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that his Twitter profile summary reads, and I am quoting it exactly as it is written, “I didn’t like black crayons as a kid because they reminded me of n****** ! I don’t use black markers because they are n****** colored! Bring back segregation! Buying more rope.” In another one of his postings he wrote, “Drag the darkie.”

If there is anyone out there that does not find anything wrong with this type of hate filled, sadistic, rhetoric there is something wrong. Several questions come to mind after reading the rants of @THERACISTDOCTOR. Can we assume man he has hung so many African Americans that he has to go out and get some more rope so he can hang some more? And is it reasonable to assume that he has kidnapped some helpless Black or Latino Americans and drug them behind his pickup truck?

I would be doing a great disservice to my readers if I failed to post comments like these from @TheFirstSmoke, “Liberal Democrats should be beaten out of this country.” And “Go to Russia a**h**e liberals.” And then my all-time favorite,” And YOU people voted for that mess. It’s name is Obama and he hasn’t done s**t. He’s a lazy piece of s**t.

The politicians up in Washington, DC might not be taking this type of rhetoric seriously, but they should, because their actions have sparked these types of reactions in the people that follow them. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and everyone has the right to free speech. What people don’t have the right to do is threaten, harass, demean, and bully other people.

So to my Republican friends who actually care about the party, your problems extend no farther than what is written here, and if reading this doesn’t help you understand where those who have some ethnicity are in terms of how they are approached and treated in the United States of America, I’m here to do my part to help you understand as the Internet is public domain, and an open platform. Anything posted is fair game for anyone. As long as the followers of Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and the like continue to send me unsolicited, threatening, despicably racist messages, I will continue to expose the ignorance and the hatred. Perhaps some Justice Department investigations that focus specifically on hate speech, and hate crimes will be launched.


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