Republicans’ Anti-Democracy Tactics

John Johnson

 By John Johnson II

America is currently fighting the deadly COVID-19 virus and its evolving mutant. Nationwide, as of December 2021, there have been more than 788 thousand deaths.

America’s Democracy is facing  an even deadlier threat. Unfortunately, this threat is emanating from the Republican Party. It’s as though they’re infected with an anti-Democracy virus, which is like autothysis. This is a condition whereby insects intentionally inject themselves with their own venom as a defense mechanism to kill enemies attempting to devour them.

Yet, why would Republicans seek to destroy the system of governance from which they evolved? Do they not realize that destroying Democracy could also lead to their own destruction? Or do they prefer an Autocracy with Trump as their leader?

But why would Republicans pledge their allegiance to Trump who is beholding to America’s arch enemy, Putin? You know the answer!

America now forced, due to a growing population of registered Black and Brown voters,  has to reckon with  its hypocrisy towards systemic racism.

But Republicans and their base of white supremacists have mounted an  attack against voters’ rights equally as evil as the former Fugitive Slave Acts of   1793 and 1850.

And don’t anyone cry out that nonsensical euphemism, “We’re Better Than This.” If America were better, do you think we would still have to be fighting for the right to vote and not be murdered by police  officers or white juvenile vigilantes? However, there’s a euphemism that does ring a disturbing truth about America.

Reverend Wright became a villain for  chronicling  America’s evil past regarding 9/11, when he stated, “The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost.” Regrettably, it looks like the Republicans have become the chickens and they’re already roosting throughout the federal and state governments.

Yes, Republicans and their base of white supremacist are on course to do exactly as the Confederate Southern States: attempt to destroy  Democracy along with the U.S. Constitution. Re-publicans and their  base of white supremacists  will not succeed!

Democrats appear as though they’re entangled in a political web of archaic procedures, such as the filibuster. Their attempts to stop Republicans’ legislative initiatives to suppress voter rights  are too timid. And their efforts to prevent Republicans from gaining total control of  all elections at the state and national levels  are  stymied   by disingenuous infighting.

It’s even stranger how Republicans can modify the filibuster but hold Democrats hostage for merely discussing the subject. Our Democracy is at risk by those elected to protect it.

Biden’s effort to pass his Bill Back Better America Signature legislation won’t amount to much if America’s Democracy crumbles. A  President who  pursues his legacy with more determination  than that of defending America’s Democracy is just as unfit as  Captain Ahab, who was a  fictional character in the novel Moby Dick. Ahab described as “crazy and evil personified” suffered a gruesome death.

American voters elected President Biden and Vice President Harris to navigate this Nation  through challenging times, defend  the U.S. Constitution against  treacherous Congresspersons, and white supremacists who would seek to sink our Democracy. Republicans who choose not to help lift this Nation  above the  tides of despair, discrimination and racism remain committed to using  Anti-Democracy tactics, which may prove to be criminal.

Sadly,  Attorney General  Garland, thus far, has not acted swiftly enough and with relentless courage required to punish insurrectionists and Congresspersons who may have violated their Oath to the U.S. Constitution. January 6, 2021, insurrection was not a   fictional event.

Despite America’s evil past and slow movement towards a more perfect Union, it  yet remains our Country to defend against all enemies both domestic and foreign.

Fortunately, just as there’s a vaccine against COVID-19, America possesses an antidote against Republican’s Anti-Democracy tactics. Simply put, it’s the preservation of voters’ rights and the unmitigated punishment  of those  who conspire to overthrow our government.

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