Republicans Invaded By Alien Body Snatchers

John Johnson

By Dr. John Johnson II

America as well as other Nations have learned to live in fear of an invasion by Aliens from other planets lurking deep from within the universe of outer space. The perception of Aliens is that they’re  far more advanced than earthlings and have higher intelligence. Maybe because of how Hollywood has chosen to use the  cinema to portray Aliens, we’re of the mindset that they’re constantly on a mission to destroy all human  life on planet earth.

Does  the irrational and destructive  behavior of former president Trump, the Republican Party including its base of millions of zombie like followers behave as Aliens? It’s as though Alien Reptilian creatures have invaded their bodies and assumed their  identity.

Hollywood  introduced Americans  to movies such as Aliens I, II , and III  The Day The Earth Stood Still,  War of The World, and Invasion of The Body Snatchers. Have Aliens successfully assumed the identity  of Republicans?

As a teenager, to this very day, I considered Invasion of  The Body Snatchers the most frightening horror movie I’d ever watched. This 1958  film involved aliens dropping large seed pods capable of producing a visually identical copy of  humans once they fall asleep. These new human Alien replicas are devoid of all human emotions. Their mission  again is to take control of our government and the planet.

Fortunately, these were just fictitious Hollywood creations. They were meant to scare the living hell out of movie goers before ending with  a hero or heroine saving the planet. At this very moment, each one of us must seriously  and conscientiously ask the question, “Has Hollywood embarked on producing yet another Alien movie using the subplot from, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers? Or, have Republicans become the real Aliens?

I recommend this line of questioning, because again, the behavior of former president Trump, the Republican Party,  their base of election deniers, and insurrectionists indicates that their identities are now assumed  by Alien body snatchers. Consequently, Aliens now exist amongst us as Republican Reptilians.

To analyze what has become of Trump, the Republican Party, and their base of voters, I want to believe that despite being devout white supremacists, they shouldn’t without intervention, behave this anti-democratically and  diabolically. Unless each of them  was invaded by body snatchers that had assumed their identities. If this is the case, our democracy will remain in a constant perilous state.


Look for the following characteristics and behaviors to determine if Republicans have become Alien Reptilians

1.The Alien leader reflects various shades of orange (based on his temperament), boast of having the power to shoot humans at will, feeds on lies, lusts for power, thinks laws are for earthlings, treats immigrant children as scavengers,  trashes women, spreads woke conspiracies, and is void of human emotions;

2 Republican Alien Congresspersons behave as the leader’s sycophants, and kowtow to his demands. Their eyes reflect a diabolic gleam of hatred and destructiveness, disregards all oaths to the U.S. Constitution, feeds on lies, pursues falsehoods, views women rights as less worthy than animal rights, and purposefully plots to cut Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid; and strategizes to overthrow the government; and

3.Alien Members of the voting base are easily  identified by their insatiable lust for lies, crave alternative facts, believe in white supremacy, pursue overthrowing  the government, seek cuts to all social programs if it’ll harm Black people and immigrants, worship demagogues, reject scientific findings, and are void of human emotions.

The new Aliens, instead of dropping large seed pods, are using subliminal coded messaging.  Messages,  broadcast on social media, contained lies, alternative fact,  and xenophobic language. This enables them to invade and assume Republicans’ identities. These media outlets are not limited  to face book, twitter, and Fox Television Network.

However, I must enlighten you to the fact  that these new Aliens can only assume the identities of humans who possess the above cited characteristics and behaviors. Believers of truths are immune to Alien Body Snatchers.

I’ve taken the liberty of ensuring that there  is a positive ending to this saga. There is a simple but powerful antidote to eliminate as well as prevent these Alien like Republican Reptilians and their base from  overthrowing our Federal, state, and local governments.

Miraculously, this powerful and effective antidote that eliminates Republican Aliens, works by doing the following: spreading the truth, voting, fighting against suppression of   Critical Race Theory, and discrediting woke conspiracies. Most importantly, anyone who commits a crime of sedition, regardless of their position or wealth, should  face  indictment   and prosecution.

Are    Alien Republican Reptilians already amongst us?


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