Republicans Literally Suffer Stockholm Syndrome, Microwave Radiation, Cowardness or all these Maladies!

John Johnson II

 By John Johnson II

      Since the 2016 Presidential election of Trump and his un-mitigated kidnapping of the Republican Party, they seemingly have undergone a drastic metamorphosis into something more undemocratic, demonic and cynical than imaginable. What could possibly cause most of the members of the Republican party who were demeaned, threaten, terrorized, and literally neutered to idealized and kowtow to Trump? He’s literally their abuser and kidnapper of the Republican party.

Research suggests that they may be suffering what is called the Stockholm Syndrome (SS). Now, you’re even more confused, right. You’re wondering what the heck is this! Well, it really is a psychological response.

Psychologists describe it as a response which occurs when hostages or abused victims bond with their captors/kidnappers or abusers. The victims also begin to identify with their captor’s agenda. One could theorize that Trump masterfully, with reinforced backings from his base and conservative media outlets, victimized his party as well as short circuited their cognitive abilities, thereby causing them to suffer the Stockholm Syndrome.

By now, you’re wondering where did (SS) come from and is there a cure. The (SS) evolved as a result of a foiled bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden in August 1973. It was reported that four employees of the Sverige Kreditbank were held hostage in the bank’s vault for six days by the robbers, Jan-Erik Olsson and his former cellmate, Olofsson.

Unbelievably, as the standoff unfolded, a positive bond developed between the captives and captors. The captives, unbeknownst to themselves, were suffering from (SS). They tried to protect the robbers even though they repeatedly threaten to kill them. Olson was overcome by tear gas, captured, tried, convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison. His accomplice, Olofsson, was acquitted.

A more radical assumption could be that the cognitive reasoning and analytical skills of Republican members of the Senate and House may have deteriorated because of bombardment by Russian microwave radiation. However, though this latter assumption may seem preposterous, it’s difficult to believe that this many Republicans can be this stupid or just totally antidemocratic.

The historical/ psychological perspectives shared relating to (SS) and possibly targeted microwave radiation could offer clues as possible reasons for Republican’s behavior. Consequently, it’s important to review some of their bizarre behaviors and legislative actions as follows:

  1. Refused to convict Trump though he was impeached twice for violating the Constitution;
  2. Endorsed separation of immigrant children from their families;
  3. Supported a war on the free press;
  4. Ignored Trump’s inept response to COVID-19;
  5. Propagated Trump’s lies about a fraudulent election;
  6. Alleged the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrectionists were merely patriots and visitors and refuses to support creation of a commission to investigate it;
  7. Stripped Sen. Chaney of her leadership position because she refused to peddle Trump’s lies about a fraudulent election; and
  8. Endorsed passage of draconian voter suppression legislations, which will negatively impact a cornerstone of America’s democracy.

The list is far too long to mention the many insidious ways Republicans have demonstrated their insane obedience to Trump, a narcissistic and egomaniac, and their disregard of oaths taken to defend the Constitution. Further, what label is affixed to Republicans who willfully refused to honor their oath, but don’t hesitate to send our military men and women to defend our freedoms and liberties? Cowards! Our soldiers, if necessary, are willing to sacrifice their lives to defend this Nation. Republicans’, risk nothing! Yet, they fear Trump as though he’s their mystical Mafia “God Father.”

It’s unfortunate that Trump and his follower have failed to heed lessons of the past, such as World War II and the once world’s enemies, Hitler. Germans once stood shoulder to shoulder with Hitler as he slaughtered Jews and nearly destroyed Europe. Apparently, Trumps’ goal is to dismantle our democracy.

Don’t despair America, just as Hitler and his followers were defeated, so shall Trump and his enablers. It’ll be accomplished by Biden’s presidency, the courts and the powerful overwhelming ballots of tens of millions of voters!


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