Roaches and sins somewhat akin

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This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. —Matthew 26:28

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Recently, I was taken aback by a childhood experience I had with roaches that left me fearful of those creepy crawling things, and let me state for the record that you don’t have to be  filthy to have them.

Fast-forward to this moment. I know I had just prayed as I was getting out of bed and before I knew it, I had given way to my fear.

To keep me from becoming  fearful, I often bring to my  remembrance 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline”, and faster than butter melts on a hot stove  I almost jumped out of my skin.

We have to be ever aware and pray without ceasing for real.

While ironing my pants the opposite pant leg was brushing across my barefoot and before quick got the message, I was overwhelmed with rushing impulses that prompted me of the childhood experience where roaches played a pivotal part of me wanting to make sure that all roaches got into a fight with chickens that all got broken into tiny pieces and were eaten up like hot butter popcorn at butter popcorn at the movies.

We do things to keep roaches out: we spray, we keep food out of their reaches, we keep areas as clean as we possibly can and they still creep in. I’ve even seen roaches in hospital.

As I was redirecting my thoughts, sin sprang into my thought process – why, I do not know.

Sin, like roaches, apparently has a common denominator- people.

Just like you spray for roaches to prevent  or control their presence,  there is a need for a constant and consistent treatment plan to minimize their reccurence; it is well for you to prepare for sin likewise.

Just like you spray for roaches you got to pray for sin. As you keep food stuff from roaches, you got to keep away from temptation as you keep areas clean from roaches keep the corners of your mind clean by praying and studying and being mindful of what adds to the attracting of sin.

Trying to prepare for the non-reentry, we pray and spray, we try to clean ourselves up and yet sin comes in. We then begin to question if there is a preventive cure  or how does a deterrent work against sin?

Well, when all else fails, most of us finally give it over to God; even then we find some reason to reopen the doors, cracks and crevices to let those bothersome things right back in again. And like a drink or drugs to an alcoholic or an addict, one is too many and a thousand is not enough to satisfy that scourge.

Therefore, we dare not indulge nor put ourselves in the comfortable yet uncomfortable position of creating the attraction factor for the roaches and the sins.

I read somewhere that if there was a radiation bomb dropped, roaches would probably be one of the only things that would survive. I also read that sin would be around as long as man/woman lives.

So what’s the use of trying to not sin? Umm – good question. The first reason we should not sin is because we understand that sin leads to death, while not sinning leads to blessings and eternal life. I know it’s a lot more involvement before the finality so I would offer that you begin to read, study  and have a true, “man of God” to teach, direct and pray with you to find the truth.

Don’t allow roaches to scare you! Just because you see them, it doesn’t mean that you are so dirty that you can’t be cleaned; like I said earlier,  I’ve seen roaches in hospitals. Sin finds itself in sick rooms no matter how clean or dirty they are.


“Dear God in the name of Jesus. Thank you for the Blood of Your Son that washes me each day to give me a fresh clean start free from sin. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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