Sensible Sue

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Sensible Sue

Dear George Zimmerman,

When you were acquitted and cleared of all charges in the murder of Trayvon Martin, I felt as though all of the ugliness that I have personally witnessed and have had to deal with as BLACK woman living here in this land that we call America had truly come full circle. You were judged by a jury of your peers, but I can’t help but question why the only strategy that you and your attorneys could come up with was to smear the reputation of the teenager that you shot directly in the heart, and left slain, face down in the grass.

You George Zimmerman can fool some of the people some of the time, and you may even be able to fool most of the people most of the time, however, I feel compelled to help you understand that the one who created you cannot be fooled by anyone at any time. Yes George Zimmerman, those six jury members may have made the decision to allow you to once again walk alongside normal, reasonably thinking, and sane people, but from now until the end of time, you will re-main a prisoner within the walls of your own distorted and demented mind. You have to live with what you did, you will have to relive what you did, and you will have to atone for the sin that you committed against Trayvon Martin and his entire family. There is no law, and there is no jury more powerful than the forces that will deal with you when your day of judgment comes.

One could only hope that you George Zimmerman, and that reprehensible team of attorneys that represented you, will just hunker down somewhere so that the rest of us can try to bring ourselves to the point that we can at the very least, ignore the fact that in addition to all of the beauty and majesty that God has created and continues to create, that he from time to time creates monsters just like you.

Monsters just like you that are cheered on by those who long for the days of the confederacy, and the very old South  where people that look like me were beaten savagely for attempting to learn how to read, and were forced to work in cotton, indigo, and tobacco fields in scorching heat from sun up to sun down. Monsters just like you George Zimmerman, who are supported by, and protected by organizations like the NRA, who bully legislators into passing ridiculous laws like Stand Your Ground, and others which allow you to continue to carry the same gun that you shot Trayvon Martin with.

After all that you have done George Zimmerman, I find it most offensive that now, you of all people are being hailed as some sort of a hero for supposedly rescuing a family from an overturned vehicle. George, if you saved the lives of a thousand people that still does not negate the fact that you will forever more have the blood of Trayvon Martin on your hands. Can we expect that your next feat will be that you are going to find a cure for cancer?

I am sure that I speak for a very large portion of the American public when I say, George please go away, and take your media whore attorney Mark O’Mara with you. Like really, you are truly despicable and in regards to public opinion, we all know who and what you are George, so stop with the your attempts to persuade us that you are anything other than a man who got out of his car after you were told to stay put, to hunt down and ultimately murder a teenager who was carrying iced tea and Skittles.

Take some time George to reflect upon all that has happened, and do some reading. Might I, suggest that you sit down one day soon and read some of the works of one of my favorite authors. Specifically, George I want you to read “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe. Read it, and study it George, because the mad man tormented by the beating of the heart that only he could hear after he committed murder and hid dismantled body of his victim under the planks in his floor is you. No matter where you go, or what you do, your sins are going to find you out George.

Sincerely, Sensible Sue


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