“Shades of Grey: Symptom of a major disease”

Pastor Rasheed Baaith
Pastor Rasheed Baaith

“Shades of Grey: Symptom of a major disease”

By Pastor Rasheed Z. Baaith

     “… and there arose another generation after them, which knew not the LORD…” (Judges 2:10 b)

For people to pretend that the movie Shades of Grey and the book of the same name is anything other than pornography is both misleading and untrue. It can be called “mainstream pornography” but it is porno none the less. It would better be entitled Shades of Filth and Degradation.

Yet, as debauched as the movie and the book are, they are just symptoms of a sexual wickedness that has become part of every institution in our lives. It is in schools, churches, government, entertainment and of course the internet. There is no where it is not. And we, especially the churches, have either pretended it is not happening or wanting not to be seen as out of step with today’s world are mouthing nonsense about “Liberal Christianity,” and how we all come short of what we should be. If that attitude isn’t supportive of sin, I don’t what is.

Jesus said “Come as you are” not “Stay as you are.”

Many of us are watching television shows and movies with our children where there are scenes and language that is totally sexual in content while being blatant in its presentation. We refuse to understand that what is being planted in the minds of our children when they view this cinematic filth are seeds of determined curiosity.

In other words, what our children see, they want to experience or know more about. And while they may not come to us for answers, they have no problem going to Google for answers.  As one writer put it, “Google is the new Sex-Ed.” Amen to that.

What Google allows our children to do is ask sexually explicit questions without some adult passing judgment on them or their question. It is also probably the first place where they see pornography.  Studies show that children go straight to Google Image in their search. Our children are very much into visual learning. But we need to remember where the impetus for the search began: a shared experience with the parents.

Of course there are those among us who don’t believe their children are among the children who have seen pornography or sexually act out.  Maybe, but I doubt it. Here’s what computers have allowed our children to do:

Receive and send X-rated images; see and read pornography, let strangers see them, do sexting, and question their own sexuality. The latter may be more important than anything else: our young people questioning their own sexuality. Why else would children as young as 10 years old be declaring their homosexuality?  And why would there now be so much sexual misbehavior in elementary schools?  Don’t take my word for it; go ask the principal of your child’s school.

Even worse, the very place where sexual immorality should be monitored at all times is not. The Church environment has in many places become as sexually suggestive as anywhere else. Sisters wearing too tight and too short dresses, men wearing shirts open to the navel and pants so tight they have to walk sideways and pastors in the pulpit sleeping with members of their flock, both male and female.

When some of the sisters “get the spirit,” the dance is more sexual than spiritual; speaking of dancing, some of the Praise Dancers have on dance garments that show too much and show it much too tightly.

There is a double danger in all of this. Those engaging in this non Christ- like behavior are led to believe what they do is acceptable in the Eyes of God and those struggling with their past which contains sexual sin are having their struggles compounded and quieted desires inflamed by coming to church!

The leitmotif in all of this is unrestrained sex whenever, with whomever is okay. That what God gave us as blessing and gift for the strengthening of marriage is alright to pervert and trample because of selfish desire.

Now our children are hearing adults, including many parents talking about how much they want to see Shades of Grey and how good they think the book was and the movie is.  If it’s good to you, then it’s going to be good to them.

It’s seems that sexual filth is everywhere our children go, even at home. Think about it.


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