Slap Of A White Supremacist Not A Black Man

John Johnson II

By John Johnson

Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock, viewed worldwide, was not that of an angry Black man. No! It was more reminiscent of a white supremacist knowing that he had the right to slap, spit upon or even lynch a Black man if he felt the slightest disrespect. You see, an angry Black man would’ve punched him in the face and dared him to get up, rather than sashay back to his seat and hurl expletives towards the real man still standing.

By the way, this isn’t the first time a Black person has received the proverbial slap of white supremacy. In 1939, Hattie McDaniel was the first Black actress ever nominated and to receive an Oscar Award for Best Supporting Role in “Gone With The Wind.” The Academy didn’t allow Hattie, without receiving favors, to enter the building.

Once inside, the Academy, refused to allow Hattie to sit with other members of the cast. They forced her to sit near a wall with her agent. Simply put, they treated her as though she was a slave and not the brilliant actress who portrayed the role of a slave.

Jada Picket throughout her career has demonstrated that she is extremely capable of defending her honor and not just by the roles she’s played in Hollywood. Remember, Jada admitted on Red Table Talk that she had a sexual relationship with August Alsina and nor did she need Will’s approval. Also, it wasn’t Jaden’s fault for introducing August to the family. Surely, Will didn’t slap Jada or Jaden!

This slap requires further analysis because it just doesn’t make sense. Will made a fortune as the star/comedian of Fresh Prince making fun of family members as well as guests. Now, what comedian slaps another comedian for doing what’s his forte? Comedians make fun of people. Stars usually consider it an honor to become the subject of a comedian’s joke. Why, everyone knows it’s just comedy.

I’m sure no one has forgotten Rodney Dangerfield. He became one of Hollywood’s most successful comedians merely mocking his wife. Ms. Dangerfield rather than becoming angry and slapping Rodney upon returning home, I’m sure she merely embraced him, and deposited the enormous check.

Now, the real crux of the matter, you shouldn’t be able to slap anyone, let alone have it done by a Black person to another Black person, on National TV and not face any consequences. No! Will Smith deserves a punch in the mouth with a civil lawsuit that’ll make him think millions of times before ever slapping another Black person.

Chris Rock should tell Will Smith not to take this lawsuit personally or as a joke. It’s just business!



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