Slipping into darkness

By Don Valentine  and Nicole Nutting

      He  Said: Nicole the “Founding Fathers” put the 25th amendment into the Constitution for this President. Forget waiting for an impeachment trial. Can you make any argument to me that he is “fit and capable” to perform the duties of the Presidency? I cannot.  We MUST pull the proverbial rip cord and let Vice President Pence finish out the term.

     She Said: Funny, I Googled “the 25th amendment simplified” and Trump’s photo was at the top of the page! Sadly, you may be en-gaged in wishful thinking be-cause, so far, he has been able to perform the duties of the office–we just hate the way he’s done it.

     He Said:  I appreciate your perspicacity, but there exists a plethora of episodes to validate why Mr. Trump is unfit for office. Do you recall that on January 24th 2016 C.N.N. ran a quote of Mr. Trump saying “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue, shoot someone, and not lose a vote.” I ask you, in this era of rampant mass shootings, is that the leadership of a rational and fit Commander-in-Chief?

  She Said: Don, he’s a showman, a con artist, and possibly “crazy like a fox!” His apparent irrationality could easily be a calculated ploy, and it’s undeniably effective at manipulating his gullible and fearful base.

Unless Trump’s juvenile fast food diet finally clogs an important artery, we may just have to ride this out until 2020. Buckle up!

He Said:  Wow Trump demonstrated yet again why he is too ignorant of the laws to hold office.  The Washington Post  “Trump lauded the abolition of civil rights.”  The President is to Void of experience with Constitution law to complete his duties.  Civil rights have not been removed from the laws. IDIOT!

Readers if you are concerned PLEASE email one of our Senators and speak up.

Senator Rick Scott (202) 224 – 5274.

Senator Marco Rubio (202) 224-3041.


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