Somebody ought to yell “hell yeah we’re going to the polls”!

Somebody ought to yell “hell yeah we’re going to the polls”!

From the Westside Gazette Editorial Board (WEB)


     There is an App that counts down the days to the next Presidential election.  As of Wednesday, July 25, 2012 there are only 103 days before the national election.  Yet, unlike the 2008 Presidential election, the infectious excitement and campaign hype seem too quiet for comfort. It appears that we are being lulled to sleep with the falsehood that our first Black President has about as much of a chance to win a second term as a snowball in hell! If we are not careful we will be whipped to death with a classic serving of voter apathy.  Well somebody better yell “HELL YEAH WE’RE GOING TO THE POLLS!”  It is downright  illegal for us to want to return to a time of Jim Crow and of separate and unequal.  However, we need to wake up and yell “HELL YEAH WE’RE GOING TO THE POLLS!”   from every rooftop, every church, every playground, every party, and every neighborhood.  There is a firestorm heading our way disguised as decent human beings and it is threatening to burn down our progress and leave us in the ashes, while they watch in their hoods and white sheets. 

     Our house is on fire, but we are not sounding an alarm.  House fires typically start in clandestine corners and spread until the entire house is engulfed in flames. A seemingly small amber spark, a tiny cigarette butt, a little candle could start a major fire that is difficult to put out.  So the best way to stop a fire is when the first tiny sparks appear. 

     Many tiny sparks have already been ignited. From the moment that, “You lie” was yelled from the House floor directed at President Obama and there was no pushback from the American people. This was evident that this conflagration, if left unaddressed, would be another Dante’s inferno. Instead of Rome burning it would be the hood, and Nero, the Roman King who played the fiddle, would be substituted by Leroy the homeless man.  Other arson induced materials are the recent GOP push for voter ID and purging of voter rolls is simply voter suppression in its most overt form. These and other tiny sparks are being used as a strategy to influence the outcome of the upcoming presidential election by discouraging or preventing people from exercising their right to vote.

     If you observed a spark of fire coming from one of the corners in your house, would you cowardly stand by and watch unassumingly until the fire engulfed the entire house?  Or would you use everything that you could possibly put your hands on to exterminate that tiny spark before it spread? Our house is on fire and it is time to yell FIRE and wake up everybody in the building.

     Now more than ever we need to pull the blinders from our eyes, close our ears to the lies and propaganda used to separate us and keep us in the past. We need to set our own fires of resistance that wake us from our slumber and get out and vote. Never in the history of America has a President been treated with blatant disrespect and contempt even by other elected officials from ALL Parties.  There is a robust resurgence of radial hate groups and some are threatening to overturn the civil rights we fought so hard to achieve.  With our own fires of excitement we can create a brush fire that will make the fires of Kuwait pale in comparison! Let us get  “fired up and ready to go” in support of our President, the honorable Barack Obama.

     Hell yeah we’re going to the polls!


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