Sometimes you have to hold your nose

Bobby R. Henry, Sr.
Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Sometimes you have to hold your nose

Jesus said, “Remove the stone.” Martha, the sister of the deceased, said to Him, “Lord, by this time there will be a stench, for he has been dead four days.”      John 11:39 (NASB)

Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

      My grandmother use to say, “Boy you are smelling yourself.”

I didn’t realize that as a young boy my overactive hormones could produce such a foul odor that people could pick up on and find it so offensive.

Boy was I embarrassed.

When I finally realized the meaning of what she meant, I was that much more ashamed.

I never wanted my grandmother to consider me to be disrespectful and ungrateful.

All of the negative expressions associated with being vain, self-centered and egotistical was not how I wanted to be viewed by any adult members of my family.

It shuddered me to think what my daddy would do if his mother told him how she felt; that I was, “smelling myself.”

You know something? Right now I feel unequivocally moved beyond a shadow of a doubt that a lot of police departments,  elected and appointed officials are smelling themselves.

The putrid, unsanitized behaviors of the recent acts com-mitted by “protectors of the law” are pushing Americans to re-sort to insurrections in opposition to those same “protectors of the law”.

What is more intriguing is that the hate spewed venom perpetrated towards our President by some political leaders, which have been ignored and treated so nonchalantly has given way to this display of justifiable homicide and unfortunately his-story does not serve equal justice to our participation in it.

So long as we have been engaged in this conflict of trying to survive on the battlefield of equality in life. After several Court injunctions to grant us Black folk a semblance of simulation into recognized humility by an unrecognizable form of humanity, which is trying to push us back into obscurity.

Yet, we are too engage in our “political rights” by voting for those to serve in our best interest.

Slavery was presumed to be for our best interest supposedly by those who had our best interest at heart.

And so, we wait with “all deliberate speed” as in equal rights to education that was supposed to be granted by Brown vs The Board of Education-Topeka, Kan.

I guess we must wait like Wilbert Lee, and Freddie Pitts, on death row for crimes we did not commit until our freedom has labored as if members in Florida’s notorious chain gang “The American Siberia.”            

     “The American Siberia.” This particular chain gang was a camp in Florida, where turpentine was extracted in a semi-tropical jungle atmosphere where the only labor that could be obtained was that of convicts. The writer described it this way: “Prisoners worked in gangs, chained together in filthy bunkhouses, exposed to dysentery and scurvy.” 2007 by Randall G. Shelden

Suppose we wait like Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown-what then?

Well, we can’t wait! Now is the time for us to come together and raise our concerns or better yet to change the thought process of our political leaders by voting out those that do not have our best interest at their forefront.

We can do this by taking other people that normally do not vote in non-presidential elections to the polls with us THIS ELECTION CYCLE and let’s increase our hope for us and vote.

What the uprising in the death of Micheal Brown has shown me is that people, all people of different colors, can come together and protest in whatever manner that they consider appropriate against a force that has taken the life of an unarmed individual who was shot at least six times.

I’ve seen in the videos Black, white and brown, old and young people marching together in the heat of battle throwing teargas containers back at the police.

Yes, the actions of a pressed down, disenfranchised, poor and belittled people by a racist police system backed up by a bigoted minded leadership, may seem inappropriate; sometimes the ends justify the means.

In periods of sickness, sometimes we have to hold our nose and take the medicine.

During our elections sometimes we have to hold our nose and vote pass the stench that the poli-trickans, even the ones who look like us, have created with all the piles of  non-productive fertilizer generated by their dung.

“Dear Lord, help me to hold my nose to get pass the disgusting order that man produces for his own self-serving purposes.”Amen.




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