Soul Power and Poll Power

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

Perhaps Bernie should let it go, let it go! Looks like he got a Biden TKO!

After the first four primaries and caucuses, Bernie Sanders screamed to huge audiences that he would roll on to an imminent victory and gain the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States.

Instead, Bernie got a Biden beat down.

The political pundits that you love said the Joe Biden campaign was dead as a fish in the water. They said Bernie had more money than Biden, had more campaign contributors than Biden, had a better organization than Biden and they said Bernie had a better message than Joe Biden.

But Joe Biden had what Democratic candidates for nationwide, statewide and local offices needed. Biden has super strong Black voter support.

Well, The Gantt Report has been saying for decades that there is power in Black voter unity.

No Democrat can win a rat race without a significant turnout of African American voters.

After the 2018 elections where sisters were a formidable electoral force, almost every Presidential campaign ran out and hired a Black woman.

However, Super Tuesday results proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that any negro woman won’t do.

Now, Joe Biden hired Black women but don’t you dare get it twisted. Biden was the preferred presidential candidate for Black voters from the jump, even before his hired any campaign staffers.

I love Black women but I also love the truth. The truth is a Black man, South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn gave Biden a heartfelt endorsement that gave Biden a victory in South Carolina that propelled him to the leader status he has now for the Democratic nomination and that lead will grow as more state primaries are held.

Good for Joe but Joe will need “mo”! Joe will need continued momentum but more importantly Joe will need mo’ money, mo’ staff, mo’ media and mo’ professional advice.

Let me explain. After the 2020 Presidential primaries are over, Democrats with be facing a Republican Party that is far more scientific, far more technical and far more ruthless and corrupt than most Democrats can imagine.

Don’t get mad. Politics is a dirty practice. That’s just the way it is and oftentimes, political candidates and political parties do some awful things to get elected like tell lies, suppress votes, hack voting machines and so on and so forth.

Sanders was right about one thing. Bernie said turnout would be a key to primary victory. Turnout was huge on Super Tuesday but the voters didn’t turn out for Sanders, they stood in long lines at polling places for Joe Biden.

OK, how will the candidate that you love beat Donald Trump?

I’ll tell you, in general, but if candidates want a detailed and winning plan get your candidate to holler at me.

Generally speaking, the candidates that you love should dismiss and discredit the worn out, unsuccessful vote generation strategies pushed by highly paid consultants that have had a history of losing.

To win, candidates must have a comprehensive voter delivery plan that focuses on the base of your party’s most loyal supporters, Black voters. You must spend millions on Black and Black-oriented media, you must have a Black professional that can craft and distribute appropriate messaging to Black voters that starts right now and not wait until the weekend before the general election and you must be willing to fight for votes in enemy territory, the winning candidate must fight for votes everywhere that votes will be cast.

Yes, on Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders got a political crucifixion and Joe Biden rose from the dead!

The Bernie Sanders revolution was televised and it turned out to be a B-rated movie!

The Black vote is powerful. Black voters and Black Americans need to get some things in return for their votes.

Who can deliver is the major political question but who in our community knows what to ask for?

Trust the Black people that you know who trusts you. I’m glad for all of the sisters and brothers that got jobs on presidential campaigns but the ones that couldn’t deliver on election day should be dumped and discarded.

Turnout in the remaining primaries and in the upcoming general election must be maximized and “any negro” can’t do it!

A false promise is a fake promise and Black voters know the difference.

Soul Power is the real poll power!



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