South Florida say hello to Aio

Maurice James and Ingrid Hart and Jimmie Davis, Jr.
Maurice James and Ingrid Hart and Jimmie Davis, Jr.
Maurice James and Ingrid Hart and Jimmie Davis, Jr.

South Florida say hello to Aio

From l to r: Maurice James, Director of Marketing for Aio Wireless, Ingrid Hart and Jimmie Davis, Jr., during the social mixer in Miami at Aio’s South Florida launch party.

By Jimmie Davis, Jr.

It’s a few and far between occasion that an employee in the communication industry will go to their boss and get financial assistance to start a business that might utilize the very same customer base as their employer.

In the vast array of technology in the 21st century, and practically with every company competing for the same dollar it’s unthinkable for this to occur – but not when you’re a conglomerate like AT&T and the new business venture is wireless communications.

“I went to my boss with my idea of starting a wireless communication company,” said Jennifer Van  Buskirk, president, Aio Wireless during Aio Wireless Launch Party in Miami. “My employer liked the concept, and said go make it happen.”

Aio Wireless [pronounced A-O] materialized in May 2013 by offering cities such as Houston, Orlando, and Tampa the experience of purchasing very innovative mobile devices that include Smartphones, tablets and feature phones from Samsung, Nokia, ZTE and others.

There’s no annual contract commitment and three simple plans to choose from that includes unlimited talk, text and data. Plans range from $40 to $70 a month with taxes and fees included. Aio also offers nationwide 4G and LTE coverage.

Aio Wireless is a subsidiary of AT&T which means there is vast exposure, and customers get the same quality and care as an AT&T customer. “We started out by listening to the needs of customers and built the company to meet their needs,” Van Buskirk said. “Aio is expanding very rapidly, and is a great network.”

Individuals can lease some of Aio’s phones according to Maurice James, Director-National Marketing for Aio Wireless. “Dependent upon the price of the phone some of them can be leased,” James said. “We have high end technology, but you’re not paying high prices.”

Van Buskirk and James invite members of the community to come and take a look at what Aio has to offer and then make the switch over to Aio Wireless by bringing in their phone devices and getting their SIM cards replaced – if the phone is compatible on the same GSM network – otherwise you’ll just have to purchase another phone.

James says a different marketing strategy is being used to get the “buzz’ out about Aio which targets segments of the multicultural community. “We have a really strong digital strategy,” said James. “We are not doing traditional print.”

Ingrid Hart moved to the US from Trinidad who says she enjoyed hearing about Aio Wireless and is considering switching over not only to save money, but because it’s 4G and they have an international plan for only ten dollars a month.

“I liked Aio’s presentation; it was totally different than the norm,” said Hart. “I especially liked how Jennifer went to her boss and got approval to open up her own business.”

Moe Majid will have a grand opening of Aio Wireless on Aug. 9 at 4996 W. Atlantic Blvd. in Margate, Fla.


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