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Sporting victories can reflect the politics of political progress

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Sporting victories can reflect the politics of political progress

By Derek Joy

Count ‘em. One… two….three. And four consecutive trips to the NBA Finals for the Miami Heat.

They spanked the Indiana Pacers in six games; sent them home, back to the woodshed to plan for next season.

Joining the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers as the only other NBA franchises to play in four consecutive Finals, the Heat now must contend with the San Antonio Spurs and their home court advantage, something that didn’t help the Pacers.

Naturally, the Spurs want to atone for that deflating sixth game lost to the Heat in last year’s Finals. The Heat sealed the deal for their second consecutive – third overall – NBA Championship in game seven of that series.

And, obviously, the Heat wants its third consecutive championship -fourth overall – to validate the “Three Peat” label. Imagine the anticipation, tension. Feel it all over.

Odds makers may not agree with the fans of the two competing teams. They are after profit. Fans of the competing teams seek the thrill, pride and glory of celebrating a hometown championship.

Ironically, it is quite different in the political arena. There, the prize for victory is more akin to power and wealth; financial progress that equates to greed; that simple.

They fight it out as Democrats and Republicans; supposedly, serving the interest of all America. Yet their every act is geared towards self perpetuation – “Three Peat” and more.

Yes. It happens at each level of our three tier government, albeit under the guise of non-partisan at the municipal level. Scandal plagued, no matter the level of federal, state or local politics.

So, for but one fleeting moment, consider the Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs in a seven game series for the NBA Championship. Liken it to the drama that is unfolding in these Mid Term Elections.

For sure, Florida’s gubernatorial race is the prize of this competition. Incumbent Republican Gov. Rick Scott is rolling along in his attempt to stave off an ouster movement by Democrats.

Former Gov. Charlie Crist, the Republican turned Independent turned Democrat, appears the most likely challenger for Scott. Funny thing is how Crist seems to garner more media attention than Scott, the incumbent.

Some speculate that Scott’s media drought is a result of his refusal to answer questions regarding his role with the Medicare fraud, and subsequent fines, his former HMO was subjected to by the U.S. Justice Department.

The HMO was hit with humongous fines and Scott walked away with some $200-million in his golden parachute. Added speculation haunting Scott is whether or the money he used to win the Governor’s Mansion in 2010 was really the money he walked away from that HMO with.

Meanwhile, Crist is having a ball spinning yarns to justify his shift from Republican to Independent to Democrat. Many see him as nothing more than a career politician looking for a job.

No doubt, Scott has the tougher sell. Why? Simply because it is difficult to hold public office in which subordinates are held accountable, but you at the top of a private corporation were immune to the same accountability.

And that is a question the voters should challenge Scott to answer.


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