Do the Star Spangle Banner and the American Flag Stand for Freedom and Equality for all Americans?

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Do the Star Spangle Banner and the American Flag Stand for Freedom and Equality for all Americans?

Written by Phillip L. Wright Ph.d.

     In reviewing the recent growing Protests expressing of Unequa Justice, Unequal civil and human rights by the sports players and other participants in different sports is creating , a firestorm dialog emerged. They are attempting to address the true reason for their ongoing visual Protest. President Trump and some others are refusing to address or speak the true reason. They are not disrespecting the Star Spangle Banner or the American Flag. The sports players are attempting to express the facts that Black Americans are reflecting on the past attempts to protest on the inequities in the Black communities. These unfair and unequal Justice laws have been happening for centuries in many other ways. Disrespectfully, our American judicial system of Justice is still not enforcing the laws, and are still ignoring the fact that Black Americans are still lacking respect from the American governmental system of laws, and being treated as second hand citizens or property and not humans or Americans. Blacks are not being recognized as other Americans who are treated fairly and being respected.

Our American Constitution, Bill of Rights should give the same equalities to Black Americans as all other Americans are experiencing, too. This disconnect with Black Americans has created disparities with inequities in all areas of social and political life all over America and has caused a separation of the races. It is unfortunate that the greed and hate groups still do not want to admit the truth about Black Americans and the extraordinary successes they made in helping build the infrastructure of America.

Black Americans were stolen from Africa and brought to America as slaves during the 15th century to work for free, while fighting to gain their freedom while making the white men rich. Many African men were dropped off in the Caribbean islands and Cuba. Many of their offspring still are getting richer in this present day. Stolen African enslaved men were directly instrumental in the planning and rebuilding the White House after it burned down centuries ago. The enslaved African men worked with others who help build the entire country of America. There is also the denial about the truth about the first President of America before it was named the United States of America. It was during the signing of the Articles of Confederation. President John Hanson, a Black American man in 1781 thru 1782, was given the name the United States of America when George Washington became the 8th President of this same country, after the 7 other Presidents. George Washington is called the first President of the United States of America because at the same time America changed its name to the United States of America. We need to accept that technicality and the true history of America as not to confuse other immigrants what is the true facts about Black Americans who are the offspring of some of the enslaved Africans, just as some of our United States Congress men and women who are most likely to be some of the offspring of the Slave Masters of the past. Let us get real with each other and our past true history, and learn how to tolerate our differences and live in harmony and peace.


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