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Stay-cation, a review of things to do in South Florida

STAY-CATIONStay-cation, a review of things to do in South Florida

See where your money goes to play

Wendy’s franchise mansion.  

By Don Valentine

Put the “Riverfront Cruise” down the New River on your Must-See list of things to do in Fort Lauderdale.  It’s a testament to how great we have it in South Florida. The aquatic tour down Millionaire’s Row is a dynamic statement of what you can do with all the money you can ever spend.

The Riverfront is located on Brickell Avenue just south of Broward Boulevard. This used to be a vibrant split level night club, restaurant center. It has been dormant for five years as it goes through a condominium transition.  A couple of businesses survived, including the Riverfront Cruises in the Las Olas Riverfront Plaza.

This 90-minute cruise is a witty dissertation of what the rich and famous have done with the “Venice of the America’s” playground. Calling it Millionaire’s Row is an understatement.  If you only had one mil-lion dollars to buy a house in this ocean and riverfront abutment then you will be living in Davie.

If you have a membership to L.A. Fitness then you and I have helped the owner buy a $24 million mansion with the New River for a backyard. The owner of the Sunglass Hut you see in every mall has a 22,000 square foot mansion. Ever get a burger from Wendy’s? That adorable red headed little girl thanks you.  She bought a huge mansion on the river near the Atlantic. Last time I upsize.

Former Dolphins owner, Wayne Huizenga got tired of the neighbors’ complaints about where he parked his helicopter. He bought the three mansions next to his 31,000 square foot mansion. He destroyed the mansions to make a helipad with parking lot. Now that’s how you talk to the Home owner’s association!

A number of the properties have been used in movies and T.V.  In the movie Any Given Sunday, the mansion Al Pacino’s character lived in is located on the new river.  They used one of the homes to film the scary scenes in the movie Cape Fear.  Miami Vice creator Michael Mann used his mansion on the New River that has a 2,000 square foot master bed-room in several episodes.

Libations and light snacks are served on the tour.  It’s a lot of fun. Try and share it with your out of town guests.  They will enjoy our lush history on the cruise.

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