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Stay-Cation Frost Museum of Science

Frost-Museum-of-ScienceStay-Cation Frost Museum of Science

By Don Valentine

      The adage that ‘good things come in time’ is appropriate for the recently opened Frost Museum.  For decades the original museum sat near the Vizcaya mansion in Miami. Many of our readers will recall fondly the memories of touring that facility as a school age child. It was a fine attraction, but time progressed to the evolution of this prodigious rendition.

This new chapter of the Philip Frost legacy is being debated as one of the top 10 museum/planetariums in the country.  The 250,000 square foot facility offers an abundance of scientific and oceanic educational exhibits about South Florida. This scientific enclave includes a suspended, 500,000-gallon aquarium tank where you can gaze at hammerheads, tiger sharks, mahi mahi, devil rays and other creatures.  It is particularly suited to entice the appetite of your neophyte scientific prodigy.

     In a recent May 3, 2017 article in the New York Times, Frank Steslow, president of the museum, said “I don’t know that we need to do anything other than be who we are and present the facts and be a resource for everybody.” He went on to comment about the plethora of interactive exhibits used to educate the patrons on the South Florida ecosystem.

In addition, there is an entire floor reserved to present the challenges of space and the benefits of extra-Earth exploration.

     Dr. Frost is a well known Miami philanthropist. He made his fortunes with multiple pharmaceutical pursuits.  Like the Vanderbilts, Deerings, and Flagler’s he has used a part of his wealth to enlighten the entire community. The latest testament is a $305 million behemoth. It is relocated adjacent to the American Airlines Arena and Bayfront complex. Just next door is the Adrienne Arsht Center and the Perez Art Museum.

            The location makes for a perfect “Must Take” Stay-Cation.  You can enchant the kids with the Frost Museum. Possibly, peruse the Perez Art Museum or have lunch in Bayside Park.

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