Superintendent Cartwright Asserts “I Don’t Hire Someone Just Because They’re Black”

John Johnson

By John Johnson II


Superintendent Cartwright defends her purge of Black administrators by asserting that she doesn’t hire someone just because they’re Black. If this is her philosophy, are we to assume that the only people she found qualified to fill her administrative positions were white? This assertion not only is disingenuous but represents  a white supremacist’s ideology to the extreme.

The Broward County School Board may have made a significant mistake hiring Dr. Cartwright if they didn’t make it abundantly clear that this District is a multiracial  and multicultural community and that its hiring practices at all levels must not bear the slightest semblance of discrimination.

Hopefully, the district’s policy of nondiscrimination  was thoroughly discussed with Dr. Cartwright. It’s our belief and hope that this School Board wouldn’t  have hired her without having had this discussion. Further, she would’ve had to   acknowledge an awareness of the negative impact of discriminatory hiring practices and vowed not to commit such  egregious actions.

However, because this Board hired Dr. Cartwright, they must have been convinced that she possessed not only the academic qualifications, managerial experiences, human relations, and communication skills to lead this district during the 21st Century. But even more importantly, she must have convinced them that she is an outstanding “Instructional leader.”

As this district’s “Instructional Leader,”  she must fervently demonstrate the vision to immortalize the importance of  ensuring the  inclusivity of all people at every level within the school district. Should she fail to demonstrate this kind of leadership, it could only happen because this School Board ignored her hiring practices or they’re beholding to the belief in the “Replacement Theory.” YOU BE THE JUDGE!

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