Supreme Court  Conceived in Iniquity

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

The Supreme Court conceived in inequity by white men whose morality festered with the belief that  white men of wealth were without equals. Yet those without wealth would reign over all lesser races including white women. Also, its primary responsibility was to solve disputes of white men within and between the colonies.

To achieve this undemocratic and sinful end, the very first  Supreme Court  of six justices, four  were slave owner. To this very day, the President who has the power to nominate justices, seeks to pack the Court with Justices with conservative or progressive interpretations of the Constitution.

Currently, this Nation has had an opportunity to witness how the 45th president packed the Supreme Court with three staunch conservative Justices; thus, giving them a super majority. This process can be labeled  the “Casino Syndrome. Casino owners packed upwards of  eight decks of cards in the game of “Blackjack” to ensure that the  “House” wins and gamblers lose. Consequently, with this Court, voter’s chances of receiving justices are no greater than that of casino gamblers winning.

Unfortunately, this Nation finds itself expecting justice from a Supreme Court packed with a super majority of staunch conservative Justices. Regrettably, this Court beginning with Roe v. Wade is prepared to overturn every right granted to ensure equal protection to all people. Their intent is not to move this Nation towards a more perfect Union for all people, but rather  for white men and Evangelicals.

Justice Clarence Thomas, as a member of the super majority, whose wife is a supporter of the right-wing white supremacists, openly boast that gay rights, same-sex marriages rights,  and contraception rights will soon be  the new targets  of the super majority.

Don’t get it wrong- this Nation government’s  noble experiment was never about moving towards a more perfect Union for all its people. The Supreme Court is  far too often skewed  towards injustices by immoral men. It should serve  as the fulcrum for balancing the scale of justice  for all  people in America.

Sadly, our two-party system of government as a Republic is on the cusp of crumbling. Our government is allowing its age-old ideology of white supremacy  and an immoral Supreme Court  to cast its fate to be  the  same as that  of other great failed empires.



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