T-Dogg taking it to the streets

T-DoggT-Dogg taking it to the streets

After his 2014 album Street Medication, Christian rapper T-Dogg, also known as “The deliverer of God’s gospel” gets ready for tour around the East Coast.

Travis Gammage is a person that was born for his music and now lives for his calling.

By Maria Camila Montanez, Florida Memorial University, Intern

      As one of the most recognized Gospel artists, ministers and voices of the city of Deerfield Beach, T-Dogg, talked to The Westside Gazette about his recent achievements, future plans and past experiences that have marked his career and personal journey. Excited for what is coming soon, T-Dogg said that his most recent achievement was to get connected with the famous artist Flo-Rida and be part of the music record label IMG. After finalizing his new album Street Medication in 2014, the gospel artist and his team shot a video for one of the new songs “God’s Been Good” on Feb. 21.

With songs such as  Joy Comes in the Morning produced and made with Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton, T-Dogg has demonstrated how committed not only he is to God but to the people. After 2010, the “Deliverer of God’s gospel” arose from a dark episode in which he found himself caught from a trafficking case that almost tore his life apart. From then on, he began to use his music to be an inspire people and help those who at some point felt didn’t have hope. When referring to how his music can reach young generations to deliver the message of God, he assured he “delivers the word in ways that a lot of people can’t”

I can get to some people that some pastors’ cant… These kids see me and say hey he got gold teeth. He got baggy jeans. He looks like me. He walks like me. But, he is not like me.”

As a modern Christian artist, T-Dogg has attracted the attention of many young people who are now interested in building a relationship with God. .

In 2012, the recognized rap artist Flo-Rida organized a free gospel concert for the community in which T-Dogg was invited. Till this day, these two artists continue to work together, which is demonstrated by T-Dogg recently signing for Flo-Rida’s record label, IMG. Street Medication, the new al-bum, was put together in 2014 whereby its main objective is to “heal the streets.” Asked about who puts all the work together, T-Dogg confessed he is the one who composes the majority of his songs. “I let God lead me. It is based on my experiences. Everything I see, hear or feel, that’s how I get my music. I make music with my heart.” One of his most recognized songs has been Pray for Me. He wrote this song based on his dark experience in 2010. “I literally was asking everyone to pray for me.”

Other artists have collaborated with his work such as Uncle Reece, Rick Ross and Trick Daddy.

Apart from his music, T-Dogg, also called by his closest peers Travis, goes to church every Sunday and dedicates his life to his family. With five kids and what he assures is his amazing wife, he does have a regular life like any other person. At six in the morning, he goes to the beach to meditate and pray. He goes back to the house and helps the kids get ready for school. After the kids go off to school, he spends his mornings and afternoons checking his business aside and finally hits the studio to create music.

As a strong voice, Travis admits to being willing to keep being involved in delivering a message where society can get better. His philosophy is not based on the emphasis of the negative aspects of society, but more into inculcating the importance of God in each individual’s life.

“Everyone is concentrating on kids getting As and Bs, but not on introducing Christ into their lives.” Therefore, his future plans are to keep making music and delivering God’s message.

His new video for God’s Been Good will be going public on Youtube by the second week of March. His album can also be found in iTunes and Google Play. One of his most recommended songs for this new album is It Could’ve Been You.

This song calls for a new-found consciousness on how people should really appreciate the fortunes and stability that not everyone has the privilege to experience.

T-Dogg is doing tours around Atlanta, North and South Carolina and undoubtedly his hometown, Deerfield Beach, Fla.


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