With No Public Trust in Broward School Board Members and Costs Soaring on Our Families, Vote No Against School Board Ad Valorem Tax Request

     Democrats, republicans and independents agree on one thing: Now is not the time to raise taxes.  Very soon, voters will decide whether to approve a request by the Broward County School Board to increase ad valorem taxes on all residents. With inflation at a 40-year high, food prices extremely high, gas costing families an additional $200 per month on average and rent costs forcing more families into poverty, I led the charge on the county commission urging my colleagues to vote NO against this additional tax increase on Broward families.  Ironically, before sending this to the county commission, the School Board Members didn’t even discuss this item on a regular agenda; it was on the consent agenda with no public input.  Subsequently, this proposal was placed on the county commission agenda, then I spoke out loudly and publicly against this action and more than 83% of you responded to my commission survey urging a NO vote against this tax increase. […]