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Judge Rejects Part of Elections Law

     Chief U.S. District Judge Mark Walker issued a summary judgment on part of the law that would prevent non-U.S. citizens from collecting or handling voter-registration applications. In July, he issued a preliminary injunction against that part of the law and another restriction that would make it a felony for voter-registration group workers to keep personal information of voters. […]


After Veteran’s Administration Rejected Payment for His Cancer Treatment, Black Veteran Credits HBCU for Saving His Life

     But, in the opinion of Lawrence Davis, a master mechanic who was diagnosed with prostate cancer nine years ago, an HBCU actually provided for him a service that was equal to or even greater than any one of these benefits. Davis credits Hampton University for literally saving his life after the Veteran’s Administration declined to pay forchosen cancer treatment – Proton Beam at Hampton University.    […]