National News

AFSCME Launches ‘Staff The Front Lines’ Bus Tour Aimed At Solving Understaffing Crisis In Public Service

The bus tour is part of AFSCME’s Staff the Front Lines initiative, a comprehensive effort that includes hiring events, legislative advocacy, extensive partnership building and a robust digital marketing strategy. The initiative also establishes a national Job Training and Development Center to build a sustainable talent pipeline into public service and address structural barriers to entry and advancement. The bus will make stops in communities across the country, where community leaders will host job fairs to recruit new talent, listening sessions with public service workers and professional development events. […]

Local News

Trained Dancer From Ohio Takes South Florida By Storm

     When the pandemic started, it was difficult for creatives to find gigs, or maintain the relationships they once had cultivated with businesses and organizations. Another area that was affected by the pandemic was the education and arts department. Skilled dancer and recent Ohio State University Alum Iman Clark is one of the many students that graduated in 2020. Upon graduation, it’s expected for you to go into the “real world”. Clark sat down and talked to us about what her world looked like after college, her love for dance, and future goals. […]