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My Life in Greenwood Mississippi “During the Civil Rights Movement”

   Most of the people on the playground were high school students and a few community activists. Just Dr. King’s presence was enough to make you feel special. At that time, I wondered, why would a man of Dr. King’s stature care about what happened in Greenwood, Mississippi to Colored People. That questioned was answered as I grew older and realized that what was happening in Greenwood, Mississippi was happening to Black people all over the United States and the World for that matter. Little did I realize that that one day in Greenwood, Mississippi would change the total trajectory of my entire life. At the meeting, he talked about how important it was for us to make sure we register to vote and that we had to assist each other with the process. Plus, as young people, we did not have the same heightened since of fear as the older adults in the town – same as today. […]