School Boards Letter

     You as well as your Superintendents are to be commended for standing up to the Governor’s bullying tactics. His defiance of basic CDC health data as it relates to protecting our students and staff members from the deadly COVID-19 virus and mutating strains is absurd and dangerous. One would have to question how an individual with degrees from prestigious Universities such as Harvard and Yale could make decisions that endanger rather than protect and save lives. Everyone should’ve at least learned in Civics that one’s freedoms don’t allow them to yell fire in a crowded theatre. Thus, why would any Governor consider it an infringement on individual freedoms to mandate masks wearing in order to prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. Prohibition against masks mandates resulting in deaths should be considered a crime. Governors should be asked to name a freedom that results in the death of a human that isn’t a crime. Believe it or not, suicide in theory is a criminal offense. Regrettably, the victim was also the murderer. Consequently, there’s never a need for a trial. Our students should never be treated as canaries in a coal mine! […]