The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Delivers a Christmas Present for People living with HIV: The Drug Lenacapravir was just Approved!

     Enter Lenacpravir (Sunlenca). The FDA approved this drug on December 22, 2022 for people with multi-drug resistant virus. I have written about this drug in earlier articles on when it was undergoing clinical trials and I spoke about it in the Blackdoctor 2022 World AIDS Day program (  It is a perfect Christmas present in the battle against HIV disease. Lenacapravir is a very important drug for many reasons. Most importantly, Lenacapravir works differently from all other approved HIV medications. This is important because sometimes, a patient may develop resistance to a particular drug, but this resistance can also affect other related drugs in the same class, so that none of those drug’s work. Lenacapravir works in a unique way, and because it is brand new, it should work in all individuals, even those who have virus that is resistant to other classes of HIV medications. […]