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Step into the Bando: Trap Museum Pop-Up Arrives in Overtown

     Trap music is a branch of Hip Hop that has barred many fruits that we all enjoy today. These fruits are award-winning rappers like Future, Young Jeezy, and the Migos. T. I., one of the more influential artists of Trap Music, wanted to commemorate this genre and created the Trap Music Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. The Trap Music Museum gained enough success to create a traveling pop up exhibit called the Lil Trap House. The Lil Trap House has now arrived in Overtown, and locals of South Florida can step into the visual representation of the genre, “We wanted to make sure if we would have been anywhere in Miami We wanted to be in a place where all the musical greats have passed through. It would have been disrespectful if we would have done it anywhere else” said Krystal Gardner, manager of the Trap Music Museum. […]