Why Being a Fraternity Brother is Entirely Compatible With My Christian Faith

     BGLOs regularly band together to fight principalities, dark powers and wickedness in high places and to promote social justice, voting rights, and anti-poverty measures. And yet, over recent years, some Christians have denounced their BGLOs, publicly attacking them for being “idolatrous” in their use of symbolic Greek letters and for causing members to put loyalty to their organization above loyalty to their faith. […]


Charles A. ‘Chaz’ Moseley has logged on his computer for the last time

51 years ago, the Westside Gazette was born, like other obligations, answers, and history, out of necessity for service to the advancement of a people not to be invisible. We do understand and wholeheartedly embrace the fact that we did not come this far by ourselves without the energies, spirits, people, and prayers that have prepared us and, in some instances, carried us, we would not be here. Knowing that we don’t exist without each other we honor those who have been and are the thread to bind and create the pages of our history together. […]