‘Test Your Bible Knowledge’

Bible Trivia

  1. What did Jesus say would cry out as He rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday?
  2. What did the people say when Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday?
  3. Who dressed Jesus with an elegant robe before sending Him back to Pilate?
  4. What was written on the cross of Jesus?
  5. What kind of crown was placed on the head of Jesus?
  6. When Jesus the disciples after His resurrection, what did He ask them to bring at the Sea of Tiberias?

During Jesus last week on earth what day did He clear the Temple?

What was the name of the prisoner the people wanted released instead of Jesus?


**Biblical Fact** The reason why death by crucifixion was so painful that the crucified victim was forced to move up and down the cross, a distance of about 12 inches, in order to breathe. This caused excruciating pain, exhaustion, and the pure terror of asphyxiation.


Answers: 1) Luke 19:40; 2) Zechariah 9:9 & John 12:13; 3) Luke 23:11; 4) Mark 15:26 & Matthew 27:37; 5) John 19:2; 6) John 21:10; 7) Monday, Mark 11:15-18 & Luke 19:45-48; 8) Matthew 27:17-21;

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