‘Test Your Bible Knowledge’

Bible Trivia

1.What physical affliction did Job suffer from?

2.How did Naaman react when asked to wash seven times in the Jordan River?

3.What prophet was a fish dinner?

4.Finish this verse: ‘You will know the truth……………….?

5.What did Jesus say are “numbered”?

6.What is the smallest seed, yet grows to be the largest of garden plants?

7.In 1st Samuel 1:11: Who gave her son back to God, to serve in the tabernacle?

8.What vessel came to rest on Mount Ararat?

9.What book in the Bible would turn to if you wanted to find ‘The Prodigal Son?

** Bible History** The Old Testament refers to a number of historic books that were never recorded or lost to us. The missing books include:

A.The Book Of Jashar (Joshua 10:13)

B.The Record Of Nathan the Prophet (1 Chroni   cles:29:29)

C. The Book Of The Wars Of The Lord (Numbers 21:14)

Answers – 1) Job 2:7;  2) 2 Kings 5:11;  3) Jonah 1:17;  4) John 8:32;  5) Luke 12:7;  6) Matthew 13:31-32;  7) Hannah;  8) Genesis 8:4; 9) Luke

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