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Bible Trivia


1) Luke wrote his Gospel to a man named Theophilus. To whom did he write the book of Acts?

2) Peter gave a speech at 9 a.m. What day was it?

3) The apostles chose seven ‘deacons’ to help them. Why?

4) Who were the first deacons chosen?

5) Saul ( later known as Paul ) was converted on the road to Damascus. Why was he going there?

6) As Saul was traveling to Damascus to persecute Christians, what knocked him to the ground?

7) Who said this as he died: “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit…Don’t charge them with this sin”

8) Why were widows weeping and showing Peter the coats Dorcas had made for them?


Answers: 1) Acts 1:1 – Theophilus;  2) Acts 2:1 – Pentecost;  3) Acts 6:4 So they could spend more time in prayer and preaching;  4) Acts 6:5 – Philip, Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, Nicolas;  5) Acts 9:2 – To arrest Christians;  6) Acts 9:3 – A bright light from Heaven;  7) Acts 7:59-60 – Stephen;  8) Acts 9:39 – Dorcas had died. They wanted Peter to help.


***Biblical note*** Long before modern tank warfare, people were inventing battle machines. In Scripture, the great King Uzziah is hailed for producing “machines mounted on the walls of Jerusalem, designed by brilliant men to shoot arrows and hurl stones from the towers and the corners of the wall” (2 Chronicles 26:15)

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