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Death is the most natural of things. In Hebrews 9:27 says’ man is destined to die once’. Yet instill,  we don’t understand what death is. We are often afraid at the thought of dying. But, to the christian Christ has used death to deliver people from death. The questions below are to quiz you about death.

1) According to the Bible those that died in Christ Jesus death is merely sleeping. T or F

2) According to the Bible Christ took the nature of us so that by his death the devil received all power. T or F

3) In the Old Testament several passages mentions death by suicide. In the New Testament can you name the only suicide?

4) When we die we all will be resurrected. Does that guarantee that everyone will make it to heaven? T or F

5) How did sin and death enter into the world?

6) Which is the most serious death? Physical or Spiritual

7) Can people in heaven look down and see the people in hell?

8) If I decide to get cremated will that prevent me from going to heaven?


**Biblical fact *** The Egyptians originated embalming around 3200 B.C. Many believed that resurrection could only occur for bodies preserved intact.

Answers: 1) T – 1st Thessalonians 4:14;   2) F – Hebrews 2:14;  3) Judas – Matthew 27:5;  4) F – Matthew 25:46;  5) Through Adam – Romans 5:12;  6) Spiritual;  7) The Bible doesn’t mention that fact; 8) No – God deals with the spirit and not with dust and ashes

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