“Test Your Bible Knowledge”

Bible Trivia

1) It was white like a coriander seed, and it tasted like honey cakes” What?

2)Only one woman has the age when she died mentioned in scripture-127 yrs old. Who was it?

3)Who said it? “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me”

4)Who said it? “What Have I done to you that deserves your beating me these three times?

5)The shortest chapter in the Bible is two before the longest chapter in the Bible. What two chapters are we talking about?

6)Which book of the Old Testament has the fewest verses?

7)Who described himself as “the king’s cup-bearer”?


***Biblical Note** Dysfunctional families are mentioned throughout the scriptures. A modern psychiatrist would have had a field day! The life of David’s family, Isaac and Rebekah’s family, Uncle Laban and Jacob were always deceiving each other, then Rachel and Leah. But if God could do such great things among that mess, maybe your future isn’t so bleak after all. Trust in Him.


Answers – 1) Manna;  2) Sarah; 3) Sarah; 4) Balaam’s donkey; 5) Psalms 117 & 119; 6) Obadiah; 7) Nehemiah

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